Commander and I enjoy Homeschooling boys (Herogian, Hawk and Gluten), raising chickens, ducks, and dogs ( Penny and Casey), eating gluten free, surviving breast cancer, coach track and field, and loving God for every minute that He gives us to cherish our family.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Thoughts and happenings

Angie Webb and her sister over at are looking for walkers, joggers, and runners to help them log the miles needed to 'run to the moon'.  You can join up as a team or individual. Do the 1000 miles or the ultimate challenge of 2013 miles for the year. That would be 5. 6 miles a day. That will definitely be a challenge even splitting it with the Commander.

This is the last full week of homeschooling three. We register for classes on Thursday at the local high school for the older 2 boys. I haven't heard from the school yet as to how many classes they have accepted for credit from the portfolios I put together, but I expect all. I want them to accept all the classwork we have done. Now, I'll hope that I'm not living in a dream world. It still feels right. I wonder what other plans God has in store for this coming year.

I've been asked to be a coach/demonstrater at an Oklahoma Track Clinic this spring. Yahoo ! trip home. Anyone want to drive to OKC with me in April?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

twenty and plans

When we travel, we plan. We plan vacations. We plan house improvements, painting schemes, school lessons and this time we worked on garden plans. Especially raised gardens. So if you are a Pinterest buddy, you now know why I just inundated the page with different ways to make a raised garden. There are a lot of great ideas on Pinterest.

I'm ready to hit H.D. and buy the lumber. It will be nice not having track practice next week so I can work on projects around the house, to hopefully include a raised cold garden. THis is a small greenhouse type garden for first plantings. I'd like to make two. One on each side of the door to the shed. These would be on the south side of the shed, therefore protected from the north.
Next, I need to plan out the placement of the raised gardens in the yard. It would be fun to put them into a pattern like a quilt. They will need to be far enough apart for easy mowing, facing north to south on a slant so the plants dont shade each other, and out of the shade of the large trees and house. Now that I think of all the obstacles to work around, hmmm, the back yard might look like a giant tossed his lego building blocks in our yard.
This will be a fun project to work on.

THis weekend had us traveling to Aimes, IA, for a coaching clinic. It was just the two of us. The boys stayed home with the dogs and chickens. Penny started coughing - (kennel cough) and needed medicine. I called the vet from Missouri. She finally called back in Iowa. Our wonderful Youth Pastor was kind enough to drive Herogian to the vet to get the medicine. Not the medicine she wanted to give us, but one that hopefully wouldn't send Penny into seizures as before. Please no seizures, especially while we are not there! Thanking our Lord for looking after the boys and dogs, and thanking our wonderful Mr. C.C. for helping them, and our neighbor D.N. for checking on the boys.

THis week will be twenty years for the Commander and I. On our return trip today, we stopped at an Amish Country Store. I spotted the perfect sign for our anniversary. "Marriage is like a deck of cards. When you get married all you need is two hearts. After twenty years you wish you had the club and spade." A HAAA HAA. Couldn't resist showing it to Commander.
 He was wonderful to take the day off and drive me to the coaching clinic. It was a very long day with little to eat. I about lost it during a late afternoon class- sugar drop for sure. Commander immediately drove me around town until we found a place we knew we could trust to get Gluten Free Food - WENDY'S.

Here's to twenty more years. I told him all I wanted was a kiss every night before bed. That's doable for us. Love you SweetHeart. 12-12-12.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gotta Love those trained boy scouts

Let me first say, I'm glad I wasn't here, only because the boys seemed to handle it a lot calmer than I ever would.

 I don't like fire.I don't have fond memories of fire.  I can remember back to my fifth year, or I might have been younger. We were camping as a family with either a tent (that's if I was younger) or the pop-up Star-craft camper. There was another family camping not too far from us. They had a daughter about my age. I remember playing with her during the day, then later that evening watching her running around the campfire with her siblings. Something happened, causing her to change directions in their game. She went right through the fire ring which had some type of metal grill over it (remembering that far back loses some details). She fell over with her foot caught in this metal. I don't know if the flames licked her leg or boiling water or baked beans spilt onto her leg. I know there was a lot of commotion with my parents trying to help them. They took her to the car wrapped up in a blanket.

Later in life the "evil beast of fire" was the bathroom heater. It was a gas unit built into the wall. Turn the gas valve on, strike a match, and POOF.  No thank you. I didn't strike a match for that beast until I was 15. I took quick baths, or finagled Mom or Dad to "just light it while your in there, please."

I do better now that we have an inclosed fireplace. I enjoy the heat, the lower electric and gas bill. AHHHH, warmth.

BUT, here we go. I don't like the burn permit in our neighborhood. And I'm definitely not going to have a burn pile in our own yard. So you can imagine the shock when I get a call from Hawk asking, "when are you and Dad going to get back from the PX?"
"We are just leaving post, now. Why?"
"Oh, we had a fire in the back yard. But it's out now."
"What do you mean you had a fire in the back yard. Why would you have a fire in the back yard?"
"Well, I guess Dad asked Bradley to dump that bucket of old ashes out in the composter when he needed to clean out the fireplace earlier and wanted a clean bucket."
"Yeah, those ashes have been outside for a couple of days."
Well, there must have been some hot coals down in the middle. Herogian said he touched the top of the ash pile and they were cold. But when I looked out my window after you guys left, there was a fire as big as the bonfires Mr. Henry likes to make."
 *** Mr. Henry is the boy scout leader who makes big bonfires at Winter Campouts.***
He continued, "I hollered at Gluten that there was a fire in our backyard, but he didn't believe me until he followed me outside.  We grabbed the water hose and dragged it down there, then got the hose from the front yard. Herogian came out with a bucket of water from the kitchen. We doused it really good. The yard is a swamp down there now. Tell Dad the composter is gone."
Those smart, calm, trained boys knew what to do. When we got home, they walked me down there (in muck boots) to show me that everything was wet. The composter - plastic - was indeed gone except for the bottom layer covered in dog poo and mud. The pile of kindling 2x4x4 was gone, and the corner of the woodpile was toasted. There was a trenching line curving from the garden gate, around the corner, cutting the spread of flames off from the rest of the garden area. They saved our asparagus! They wouldn't have if they had known what it was.

Commander took the boys out for Chinese food the following Sunday as their reward. Thank you boy scouts troop 167 for training the boys up right in this matter.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gluten free and the holidays

A couple of friends have recently been told to eat gluten free or that a child needs to eat gluten free. When you are diagnosed with Celiac Sprue, it is good to know that you can control the pain, bloating, diarrhea, wasting away, what ever the symptom, with a diet change instead of having to take drugs,  surgery, or give yourself shots. THere are worse things out there to deal with. But changing your diet when the rest of the family doesn't have to change....

Cross contamination is everywhere in the kitchen from all the previous cooking with gluten = wheat, rye, barley, oats (are on the list because they can easily be contaminated out in the field) Finally, there are farms that don't switch crops.

 Back to the kitchen, condiments are contaminated with malt flavoring, natural and artifical flavorings, smoke flavorings, caramel coloring, stabilizers, emulsifiers, white vinegar (doctors say it okay, but ask a celiac who is sick afterwards)certain dyes are even made from glutenous grains, and it depends on what country the maltodextrin comes from.
Go try to clear all that out of your kitchen and still cook "normal" food for the rest of your family.

I feel for my friends, it is hard. Then there comes the holidays when almost everything about the holidays centers around food.  The best thing for a Celiac -  is to bring their own food. THink of yourself trasping up to the door of a friends house with a plate of food for one, even if you are bringing something else to the party. It used to make me feel like I was saying, "I can't trust you to not contaminate me." The diet can make you feel self-conscious, if you tend to already be self-conscious and who isnt.

THen there are the people who knowingly pass you something with gluten and they say, "Just try a little bit. A little bit won't hurt you."  The best answer I've heard from other celiacs is to ask the person if they want to try a spoonful of arsenic. Then we will see who feels better in the morning. They would still win.

The kicker was the person that told me to leave my gluten free stuff at home, they didn't want to mess with it. I could just eat the vegetables as my Thanksgiving meal - the turkey was stuffed, therefore contaminated. I love you too. He meant well, it just came out wrong. We all do that.

THings have changed greatly over the last 20 years that I have dealt with Celiac Sprue. It has become a multi--million dollar business. I started off having to grind rice in a grinder to have a flour to make 'hockey pucks'. Today you can by gluten free bread at the store. There are companies like and that make the best flour and pizza hands down.  makes 'oreo' type cookies. WOW!

Two years after I was diagnosed, it was the middle of winter in Carlisle, PA, when I found out that Wendy's frosties were gluten free. Commander and I bundled up, put on our boots, and sloshed through the snow for a round trip over a mile just to get a frosty.

To be truely GF you must read the ingredients on everything. Thank goodness for companies that now mark their products, and stores like Dillon's that tag the shelf with gluten free markers to show you the GF item. I am thrilled with how much easier it is to get items GF. Even restaurants are trying to have GF menus. Be cautious about this, though, it doesn't always happen. One anniversary night, the Commander and I went straight from the restaurant to a large furniture-everything store across the street, because I wouldn't be able to make the ride home. Cross contamination.  I spent 30- 40 minutes walking from one bathroom to the other. Really felt sorry for the ladies going in after me.

If you have a family member or friend coming to your party that you know is gluten free, keep a few things set aside that you know are clean. Put vegetables or salad in a container for them before you pour on the sauce. Keep the croutons separate. Check the sauces that you plan to use, if your not sure, they appreciate a call from you asking if it is okay to use. If it's not, that will at least clue them in to what they need to bring.
Our church does Wednesday night meals for all that come. It is so awesome to get a text or email telling us that the whole meal or parts of it is gluten free. That is such a special feeling of love, especially when your insides make you feel like such an alien.

To my new gluten free friends. Hugs. Hang in there and stay Gluten Free, your gut will love you in the morning.

still kicking and laughing

It's November!!! The portfolios for the boys class credits are done and turned in. I'm hoping the school will accept all of them.  They are suppose to call me soon and let me know. Soon is the magic word. My soon is Monday morning. Their soon might be day before class starts in January.

The boys are still excited about the changes ahead. I'm excited for them too. After ten years of homeschooling, they will learn a lot about life from a different perspective. I know they are both grounded firmly in Christ. I know there will be things that I don't want them to experience, but they need to build their walls against the ways of the world and they can't do that without the testing. We will work through this new experience together, just like we worked through all of our curriculum these past years. Gluten will still be at home finishing 8th grade, and helping me 'kidsit' our hopping 4 year old.


Gluten wanted to bleach a shirt with "question authority, not me." on the back of it.
I gave him the evil eye and smirk, then gave him the lecture about where authority comes from - God. He agreed to find something else. I suggested, "Blond, explains it." For quite a while he kept saying 'no' to this. Then he finally stated," I don't want that on the shirt because I don't know what it means." Hmmmm. "Blond, explains it." He did end up with "You can't spell AWESOME with out "ME"."  He also made his Mema a sleep shirt for her birthday. "I'm not short, I'm Fun Size."

Herogian had his last hunt with the post rod and gun club this past weekend. He limited out in 30 minutes. 2 pheasants, 4 quail. Penny was allowed to hunt with him and the guide's dog. She did really well. Penny only backed off when the other dog started to attack her,when she came in to check out the first pheasant the dog had fetched. She collected quail after that, but left the second pheasant where it landed. Mom even got to retrieve her ipod she dropped with the checkcord while chasing down the wounded pheasant. I realized the cord was missing from my hoodie pouch, but didn't know the ipod was missing until I found it.

This afternoon, Commander and I came home with a new 4 foot Christmas tree with lights already on it. Its place is on the small secretary desk in the corner of the living room. Below it, on the desk, was placed the first present. (unwrapped) a 3 foot pair of pruning shears. Later, while Commander and I were in the TV room, Hawk showed up at the door with the shears in hand.
"Why is this under the Christmas tree?"
Commander looked at him, and replied, "If you and your brother don't behave at school, we'll use those to nutor you."
The shock on Hawk's face was worth it.

Herogian and Hawk have hit growth sputs. 3/4  inch in less than 2 months for Hawk. Herogian is there also. The cool part is that Herogian has finally decided to start working out to 'beef up' this includes doing TKD with Commander. He also went to the gym to workout with Commander yesterday before Boy Scouts left for camping. I have also found out that when it is bedtime, (his room is downstairs) that he uses what equipment we have to workout. Anybody have some free weights gathering dust?

Have a great week. Please pray for my uncles - yes, plural. Two are about to leave this world due to cancer. They are my father's younger brothers.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

T shirts -trying to get rid of them

I bought 72 shirts for a Track/XC fund raising idea. I'm "official team fund raiser" - I take the title because I croke at being a recruiter. Anyhew, the idea was for "Create your own USM Spirit Shirt". I went to the trouble of cutting out 72 block letters to spell U-S-M  S-P-I-R-E-S for each shirt. Cut out large numbers for team sports, skull candy designs, bought stars, flowers and a bunch of foam letters to write names on the shirts and anything else the buyer could think of, along with rolls of contact paper to create their own design.

After two days of sitting in the hot afternoon sun with my boys at campus, we realized this idea wasn't going to work. The kids came by, said it was a great idea and then walked off. One who wanted to make a shirt, then questioned why I asked for money when we finished it. Oh bother.

Thank goodness the ladies from church are going to the Women of Faith Convention in KC. They helped me out by letting me make shirts for them.

Now I'm making a few more to get rid of the last 2 dozen shirts. Here they are.

We are Ambassadors for CHRIST.    II Cor. 5:20
 To God be the Glory   Great Things He Hath Done
 For God so Loves Me   - I Run   (with footprints)

THe shirts are $8.00  if interested. Give me a shout. Or let me know if you have a design you would like on a shirt. I'll see what I can do.
Stickers are sprayed over with bleach to bring out the design.
Have a great weekend.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Thanks for your prayers on our school situation. I feel like they have been answered. Today, we met with the school counselor at the local public school. Yeah! Can you believe it? After 10 years of homeschooling, we will be sending the two oldest to LHS.  Hawk wants to go back into 9th so that he'll be with his original class, and  next year as a sophmore he will have a chance to try football. He is the one that made the thoughts and prayers start looking like answers to our problems. He has always said (like me) that he wouldn't go to public school. In the last year, he has developed a desire to play football. I was shocked, but glad to see his eyes light up over somethings besides XBOX.
Herogian hasn't been as thrilled with the idea, but after the visit to the school today, I think he is more on board. He realized he will be able to do more in science lab than I can give him, and woodshop - made his eyes light up. The higher sciences and math will be easier for me with the schools help.
So, come January it will be Gluten and I at home with our four-year-old charge NC. I think Gluten will enjoy the time - it should take us less time to get his work done, he will be able help kidsit more (making $$). He is also looking forward to high school at LHS so he can try out for the soccer team.
For someone who knows not to say NEVER. I've definitely have had enough lessons on it.... plus here's another.

You don't know your missing something until it is gone. I'm missing the stress and worry that was building up over the boys educational path when I thought I was in charge of it. Letting God brings relief in so many ways. I'm looking forward to the future now. Sometimes it is hard to let go when you see the release as being failure, turning it over and looking at it differently (God's way) makes a big difference.

Here's a pic from today's activities around the house. Mr. Matt is giving lessons on plumbing to NC under our kitchen sink.

Monday, October 1, 2012

It's been so long since I was here

Physically and mentally.  I would think about posting and then go to bed.

We have been working around the house trying to get ready for winter. Two weekends ago, I decided to tackle the chicken coop door. A friend had given us a metal house door that would do a much better job than the 'cut out of siding door' that was the original on the lean-to. I yanked, hammered, cut and kicked, stomped and did whatever it took to get the wall out where the door needs to go. The concrete was crumbling on both ends and I wasn't sure just how I was going to get the door in, hold it in place and use the screwdriver at the same time. My neighbor came to my rescue. I asked her for a placement suggestion, since she had built her own coop. She then asked if I'd like some help. We had a fun time building the wall around where the larger door needed to go to fit under the slanted roof. we did a bit of framing and then stopped there.
We have to have the patio room jacked up on one corner due to settling with the dry summer. When the crew comes out, Mr. Wendtz said he would gable the chicken coop roof over the door for me. Yahoo. He is also going to fix a permanent doggie door down stairs so we can use the patio door again. THENNNNN hope I still have the picture for this. We are getting a bid on a reading nook for under the stairway. Here we go. He has the whole wal down stairs to use. The return air vent will just be moved to the top of the wall allowing the nook to be as long as we want it - 7 feet at least - I have tall relatives that I'd like to come visit. Each person in the family has already claimed this area as theirs, and we haven't even decided if it is in budget. Praying. Praying. Praying. I could so cuddle up in this area with my computer and get carried away writing.
Other stuff going on is planting 21 junipers, 4 fire bushes on the east hill out front, filling it in with mulch and outlining it with rocks. On the west side I put in a pallet pathway, a few different plants and flowers, mulched it this weekend and lined the edge with rocks. 5 truck loads of mulch were moved this weekend. Can you say 'my body is sore!'

The four year old that stays with us in the morning has become my digging partner for dandelions and chickweed. I jab the digging stick in, he powers it down and pops the weed loose. We do about 30 minutes outside each morning playing and digging as we wait for Dad to show up. He's been a great help in helping me find the time to do the weed pulling.

Would ask for your prayers on a school matter. Will let you in on it later, but afraid to jinks it if I mention it too much too soon. You know what I mean?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Calling Safety, shelves, and haircuts

"Come on, move your feet out of the way so I can sit beside you."
Gluten was homeschooling on the sofa and had stretched out to take up as much of it as he could. He pulled his feet back giving me just enough room to sit between his feet and the pillow. He tossed me his history book.
"I've got mine. You might need yours". I spun the book back through the air quick enough to land it on his bare belly.
It was review time of chapter three. Gluten does better if history and science are verbally reviewed daily. We started through the questions with only names of people getting him twisted. He'd flip through the pages checking bold face words and then give me the name. I'd ask if he was sure, causing him to actually read the passage to me to prove that he had the right one.
"What was the New England Confederation? Why was it formed?" I asked.
He thought for a moment, "!" 
"Yeah, defense, as in a military defense." I started to explain a bit more so it would stick with him. BUT, He was laughing.
"I said, SAFETY, because I farted. I didn't want you to slug me. I didn't know I'd get a history question right with it." He was grabbing his stomach he was laughing so hard.
I just hung my head.

Pinterest is where I go to relax for a few minutes to an hour in the evening. Black shelves over the toilet in a small bathroom interested me. A trip to H.D. just happened to land into the errand schedule the other day for shelves and black supports.
Our master bedroom toilet is in a room by itself. A small room - actually 35 1/8 inches wide.
I thought I chose things to put on the shelves due to the memories, but I can't remember where two of the things came from. Geezuh! My dad made the wishing well out of walnut shells, the glass piggy bank beside it is from childhood, Commander likes marbles, and Spooners. The pictures on top were on the table at our wedding, the frame on the left is from a friend at church given to me during chemo, the green glass basket is from an aunt, and the picture of the boys was when we first moved to Kansas in 2000. We were stuck in Hoge Barracks for 1 month.

Herogian asked for a haircut the other day since it has been so hot. He agreed to let me do it with the dog shears. Yeah - save that money! As the hair was falling, Hawk came around the corner to see what we were doing out on the patio. "Oh stop right there!" I was working across the top of Herogian's head. "Dad would freak if you left that part," said Hawk. Herogian felt the strip of long bangs and agreed. We left it. I wasn't going to be home when Commander came in, thank goodness. I did show Herogian where the clippers would be incase he decided to lose the bangs before Dad came home. I guess he didn't. This is his "School is driving me insane look" and it is what he greeted Dad with at the door.
The hair disappeared that night into a nice buzz cut.

Have a great Labor Day weekend. Thank the Lord for the blessing of rain. Pray for the relief for those suffering from too much of it at once.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Altrazerodrop shoes - Awesome

In '08-09 when Commander was deployed my feet started giving me pain while working in the back yard. Wearing muck boots without my orthotics in them - I thought was the problem. But fixing that issue didn't help.
It just kept getting worse to the point that I quit running in our neighborhood. It was embarrassing to run to the church 1/4 a mile down the road  and then have to walk back home because my feet were burning.
Later it was kneeling down on bent toes digging, or building the walkway would cause both feet to burn. The picture's date is July 2011, I just finished
this path to the back patio 2 weeks ago.

THen you probably remember in May - foot surgery on both feet to cut out nerves from between the 3rd and 4th toes that were the size of pencils stuck inbetween the tendons and doubling back on themselves. Oh and the allergic reaction. Oh Bother.

Well, we have made it to the end of August only after a wait of 4 1/2 weeks for these to arrive. They were on backorder.
Altra zero drop running shoes. As you can see from the side edge there isn't a big build up(inches) of cushion under the heels. That's why they are called zero drop. You actually run in a barefoot style of gait. Does it ever feel good! THe toe box is also larger so your toezies have room to spread out. This is super for Morton's toes and neuroma's - give 'em some room! My long old toes can now wiggle dance.

I started running again at the end of July and joined my friend Shannon on some of her runs. I wanted to stay up with her. My ego really didn't want to accept being at square one again with training, and tried to jump ahead. Well, I paid for that leap in the workouts. THe hills in her neighborhood are killers for knees and beginners at that. Then with the hard packed soccer field with clumps of grass sporadically growing - running strides down the middle of the field didn't help with tweaking the knee. IT Band tenderness, bursitis swelling, and pain sent me to the doctor. I took a week off, started back slow with a knee brace, walking most the time, and saving the jogging for races that I had already paid to enter. Tonight, my lookout on running has a smile again. It is because of these shoes. Just walking to the port -a- pot from the car convinced me to take off the knee brace. Walking a mile felt like I was holding the horses back. Picking up the pace on the straight aways at the track felt good -even though I was slow as molasses the foot strike was straight, balanced, no pronation to fight against, the knee felt great for the next mile. There was no clicking, catching, collapsy feeling from the knee for the first time in three weeks. I don't want to take the shoes off. My favorite workout is repeat 200's. They don't feel like a thing of the past, they are now in the future waiting for me.
Want to come run?

Monday, August 27, 2012

It still fits and other things

A dress on Pinterest caught my eye. I really liked it. a Titanic Vintage cream and green tea dress. While looking through my boards, I spied it again, then checked out the link with it. $173.00 for a dress - I don't think so, I know so, so, how am I going to get that dress made. MOMMM. Well that's how it usually would happen. It reminded me of my wedding dress - also a tea dress that my wonderful Mom made.
For the wedding I wore a cream satin slip under the lace, For a Christmas Party shortly after our wedding ( to meet Commanders side of the family) I slipped a red slip under it, and then for an Army banquet of some sort I wore an Infantry blue slip. Of course my mother made all the slips for me. Talent for sewing leaks out of her pores. She amazes me.
It has been twenty years since I found the pattern and asked Mom to make the dress, becuase I was sure I'd found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was sure I'd found the only person to put up with me. She's right.
Here is the front of the dress. The lace in front had to be dyed in tea to get it off white to match the rest of the lace. I noticed with the picture that there are a couple of yellow spots on it now. Below is full length.
Here is a full length shot with the red slip under it. It need a little pressing since it just came out of the tissue paper and box, but I was pleased that it still fit. Thank you Gluten for cutting my head off (I asked him to) Can't wear this kind of dress without makeup.

A long with the dress, my mom crocheted a large doily to be formed into a hat, and also a smaller doily for the flower bouquet. Talent runs deep in the family. My sister-in-law did all the flowers for the hat, bouquet, and wedding. I still have both in the house. I'm happy to be coming up on 20 years with Commander. He makes my life exciting, full of laughter, and God centered. I'm also glad that I could still get into the dress.   But on that note, what would you do to a child that started gagging, saying "what do you have on? why are you wearing that? OH don't tell me, groce!"
I just didn't know what to say to their comments. Oh well, something will come to me when I least expect it and they won't expect it at all either.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Homeschooling year 10

This is our tenth year of homeschooling and the first year that I haven't been gung-ho and excited about it.I'm just glad God is in charge and knows the plans he has for us.
 I don't know if the extra hot, dry summer prevented me from doing the projects that I had planned to feel accomplished. Or, it might be that I was studying from April until July for the Level 2 coaching exams, and it doesn't feel like there has been a break. I don't know, but I feel irritable. I'm trying to keep it in check, but I know it is coming out. It is also from the knee pain I am dealing with and having to lay off running. I was enjoying running with Shannon.  This week I have been in a brace and taking anti-inflammatories. UGH. Next Saturday is a 6.4K that I already paid for. I hope to be jogging again by then. I can feel the frustration.

I kept myself outside today to hopefully burn some of it off. It was good to finally finish the walkway from the back gate to the patio. I think it has been three years in the making. I'll post pictures later, it started raining as I finished. Rain is such a blessing. I watched from the Dayroom window as the stepping stones were washed clean.

Hawk and Gluten came home with me from Pair Day early-(Pair Day - a gathering of businesses and anyone else, who wants to meet and greet the new soldiers coming to live  in the area for the year long school, set up booths for the soldiers and their families to walk by and gather information and goodies). Since they didn't want to stay and do community service, they 'were allowed'. ahemm, to mow, use the weed eater, set up two pallets at the trash can area as walls, paint them, pull weeds from the driveway, and use the blower to dislodge the dry leaves from the walkways around the house. I had to nix that job when Gluten decided to see how bare the ground really was - dust storm.

I must admit, I have been looking forward to one new item this school year. We get to kidsit a four year old bundle of fun. The boys will each get to spend about an hour out of the morning working and playing with Noah. He also has a preschool workbook that he starts the day off with us at the table. We won't get him everyday, so it will be special when he is here.

Have a great week. Thank you for stopping by our little place.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Run for the Fallen

This morning I was honored to be part of a 3 mile run at Ft. Leavenworth, honoring those that have given their all for our nation. "Run for the Fallen". For August it was a beautiful morning with 59 degrees at 6:30 am. I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany friends in this run with no pressure on time. That was good. Hillary, Shannon, Katie, and I  joined the crowd  for a dedication ceremony to a local family who had lost their son.
The "Honor and Remember Flag"

has a red field over a broad white strip representing the blood and purity. In the middle, there is an offset blue star with a gold star inside representing the sacrifice, withing the gold star is a red eternal flame with one blue flame representing the soldiers life joining the many flames that make up the eternal flame. The flame is growing out of a small  triangular folded American flag representing the one from his/her coffin. Below this in the white the name and date of the soldier's death is given. 
 It was a heart wrencher.
Patriot Riders lined the front part of the race with their motocycles, and beside the starting line under a large oak tree were the flags.  I believe they said 179 were stacked to represent the lives lost that had ties with Ft. Leavenworth. As you can see there at the corner was the gun and boots of a fallen soldier.The American Anthem was played with everyone standing at attention, then a prayer was offered for our soldiers, their families and for our nation. Perfect.
Never Forget.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Just can be interesting

Question:    "Gluten.....How long has the water been left on in the chicken coop?"
Answer:   Long enough to start a river.

Gluten told the scout master's secretary that she could put his cell phone number down as a second number to call.
She asked him, "But what if it is you that is hurt? Your phone would ring and we would tell you, Gluten is hurt."
He looked her straight in the eye and said, "I'd answer with, I know, it hurts bad."

QUestion: "Gluten.... what are your clothes still doing on the floor?"
Answer:  "They haven't woke up yet."

Asked Gluten the other night to bring in the Swirly ice cream from the deep freeze for his poor ole' mom who had her knee wrapped in ice. Oh whoa is me.
He looked at me and told me I was closer to the garage. Then immediately dropped his shoulders and scooted out the kitchen to go get the ice cream. But the bugger, he set it down right inside the living room door. "I brought it in for you. That's all you asked, just bring it in." He gave me one of those " I know I'm in trouble grins" then ran downstairs to see what Commander was hollering about - Olympics were on. Gluten had a hard time finding his ice cream when he came back up stairs.  I was sitting on the couch with my knee still wrapped and propped up with a  nice bowl of ice cream balanced on my stomach his bowl of chocolate looked so inviting. Hmmm. So, you really think your going to get dessert? He is so much fun to tease with, he knows how to dish it out and take it. Usually.

Punched in voicemail yesterday. "BURRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPpp, oh sorry, Mom, I didn't hear the beep. ( I wonder why) Now, why did I call you?"  that was Hawk.

I've got the evening to myself. Fundraiser to work on, plus, a 600 + page book to read. Think I'll disappear into the book. Later.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer is almost over when school is around the corner

Next week we start school. Two teacher prep days - desperately needed to get my head wrapped around starting all ready! Then we hit the books on Wednesday. Oh, won't the boys be thrilled.

Herogian is still at Cub Creek Science Camp until Saturday. Commander will pick him up and drive 5 hours back to the boy scout camp out in the boonies. He will get Sunday to TUesday night to enjoy the last of his break. I expect him not to want so many camps on his summer schedule next year when he realized how little time his has before school to relax.
It has been a good learning experience for him. He doesn't appreciate the fact that as an ASIT they have to do more work (his words) than the hired staff - by having to clean all the animal cages. Well Duh! What do you think you are there for???

Gluten is back on the traveling soccer team, this year concentrating on goalie. He's a bit short, but fast and he is learning to sacrifice the body to stop the ball. THree days a week of practice, one night a week for Boy Scouts. He doesn't know it yet, but his video playing days are about over. He will need every free moment to get his studies done.

Hawk, is skinner than a weed and getting tall. His thing right now is airsoft. All three boys enjoy joining friends on an empty lot where that can play for hours.  The land is owned by a friend who takes them out and supervises, cooks hotdogs for them and taxis them back home all sweaty and smelly.

Commander is having foot surgery in two weeks. Morton Neuroma. Hmmmm .... that sounds familiar on this blog. He also has to have a big toe joint cleaned out. Arthritis making it stiff. So he will be home lounging around while we do school. He can help get the boys established into the right study habits.

Me, well I'm trying to run. Overdid it and made the knee swell. I must consent that Commander is right, I'm just a bag of injuries waiting to happen. THis Saturday is a 3 mile Run for the Fallen on post. I get to do it with 3 female friends. This is the first time I've ever ran a race with no concern about the time. Too competitive.
Track starts after Labor Day for me. I'll be with the team at least 3 days a week for workouts. I'm also working on 2-3 fund raising ideas so we have the money to send kids to nationals.

The boys are in 8th and 10th grade. Another school year is about to begin. The journey continues ....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Daily Schedule

I finally wrote out our daily schedule plan for the next year. The main part will be the morning. Getting it done together and not getting sidetracked with other things. The work must be checked and completely finished before moving on to another subject. For me to hold us all accountable to finish everything each day before moving to the next subject is hard with three. Hawk always wants to work fast and get it done, but not check it until later. Not good. Herogian and Gluten don't want to work fast, or at all, and never want to check their work. Definitely not good. Mom has to stay focused on school and not let track, baking, crafts, workouts, dogs, chickens, yardwork, housework, laundry, phone calls, or anything else side track her and pull her away from the table. Gluten will be 8th and the other 2 doing 10th grade work. Here we go.

General Daily Schedule for 2012-2013

7:30 Up and make beds
7:45 Breakfast with Bible Reading
8:00- 11:00 all at table done with Mom
8:15 English = grammar /writing
9:00 Literature
10:00 math  =geometry/algebra
11:00 spelling  for Gluten        accounting Herogian/Hawk

11:30 Prep for lunch if need be/ Herogian/Hawk Spelling and ACT study
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Chores

1:00 Science /History (switch books)
                                  Questions checked before switching
2:00 History/ Science

3:00 Music/Art for Gluten on M F
Leave for USM practice T-TH Gluten must go on Wed.
3:30 study time while mom at practice
4:00 study time while mom at practice
4:30 Mom returns from Practice  / snack or light dinner
5:15 Leave for Soccer MF
5:30 goalie practice       WED  rest leave for church
6:30 Tues Leave for Boy Scouts    MWF mom and Gluten at soccer

7:00 soccer or Boy Scouts
7:30 soccer  or Boy Scouts
8:00 ice cream/study  or at Boy scouts
8:30 Study or at Boy scouts
9:00 Study time  M-TH
9:30 Lights out

Rain, Rain, Glorious Rain

What a blessing it was to see this morning. Cloudy skies and rain falling. Now, if only the dog would get off the porch and take care of business.

It is August and the days are numbered for school to start on the 15th. It seems like every school around here is starting earlier this year. I don't understand why our public schools in the area would start so early. They have airconditioning in the building, but will claim "Heat Days" because it is so hot outside, and a lot of students walk to school. At least we won't have to worry about it. I just love homeschooling.

Herogian is finding out that his glorified position of ASIT at camp really means unpaid, overworked staff. They have over 100 plus animals, and he is helping clean every cage. He said the Lynx doesn't like him.  It will be interesting to see if this changes his mind about being a wild animal vet.

Kansas CIty has repaved some roads in my training partner's area. I really like the spacing of the fire Hydrants. "Okay, let's run to the 2nd one and then walk, come on, we can make it" - trudge, trudge up the hill. You can't get away from the hills in her area. The only way out of her subdivision is up. It makes for a rough start right now. We will know we are getting stronger when we can reach one of the corners and not have to stop for a drink. Yesterday's 3-5 miles ended up at six. We do walk when needed so it was a pleasant surprise that we had made it to six miles. It won't be long before we are going over the half-way point for the half marathon. Plus, with Kansas City as hilly as it is, training at Shannon's neighborhood is perfect.

Have a great week. If you are a runner, come join me for the Waddell and Reed 1/2 Marathon Oct. 20th in downtown Kansas City. We can pull each other along.

Monday, July 30, 2012

1/2 Marathon

I once thought I'd train to run a marathon before I hit the big   __0. Didn't happen - after reaching 8 miles in workouts the knees didn't like me, so I caved. I also had a six, four, and three year old needing my time. Yeah, that's it, uhhhh......

 Today I was given the opportunity to say yes to training for a 1/2 marathon with a friend. I at first turned it down. Then later  realized that the Commander had already mentioned trying the Bataan Death March Memorial again next March. We didn't make it this year. I texted my friend, Shannon, and jumped on board with her. If I can do the 1/2 this fall, then doing a whole next March might not seem so daunting.  It's a bit scary, thou, I really haven't ran much at all these last few years because of the morton's neuroma pain. I actually can't do three miles yet (a big hill is most of that problem) so getting up to 13.1 in 13 weeks will be a challenge. I'm working tonight on devouring a few given workout plans off the internet and suiting them to our time frame.

Concerning the last entry and the coaching job. Coach D. told me no way would he hire the other coach. We will just work around the vaso-vagal syncope and driving issues. I on the other hand get to work on recruiting and fund raising. Deal.

We dropped Herogian off at  Cub Creek Science Camp on Sunday. We last saw him joining a group of five young ladies headed for the dining hall before the incoming class of campers arrived. No hug, no wave goodbye, his ears weren't registering our pleads.  LOL.  He is an Animal Supervisor In Training (ASIT) for two weeks.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Feeling at Peace

Little things have come to mind lately, a comment here, a messed up dream there, a talk with Coach D. and then Wednesday and THursday while spending time working on a fundraiser for the track team, God spoke to my heart.

Wednesday night I met another soccer mom who stated she had a medical condition that wouldn't allow her to drive over 45 miles per hour. She doesn't drive into Kansas City for soccer games. I mentioned that I don't like to drive anymore because I'm afraid of passing out. She said that's exactly what she has. Made me feel so much better that yes, someone else does deal with this issue, and I'm not totally crazy in the head. The panic attacks are real, but I don't know how to stop them, or if I ever will be able to. They just come out of the blue. Usually, when I'm not feeling very comfortable about going someplace, but they have happened on the way home - when I should be thrilled to be headed home. Weird.
Anyhow, Wednesday evening I talked to Commander a bit, about feeling uncomfortable about driving the CC/Track team to meets. Coach had recently given me two CC meets in September and October that I would be responsible for driving the van of women. After our talk, I emailed him about this, and offered some suggestion as to how it could be taken care of, to include splitting the salary between me and our other coach (volunteer) to see if she would drive for him. I immediately felt relief and that we had done the right thing.

THursday while cutting out stickers for a "Make your own School Spirit Shirt" I had a lot of time to talk and listen.
I felt I was being told by God to let Coach D. hire another coach that he has spoke about in our last few conversations. I believe now that he needs someone more ambitious about being the head coach when the team has to be split, and he needs someone who really knows how to  recruit. I felt the push to release Coach from his commitment to me so that he can do what it best for the team. I wrote him an email and told him so. I feel at ease, again I feel like I was led to do what is right for the team. Yeah, it will probably drop me back to a volunteer position, but if I can help the throwers again this year, it will be fun. If it doesn't work out, I know God has bigger plans for me in the future. I'm also hoping a friend gets a job with the school system that will allow her to work closer to home. If that happens, the boys and I might get to babysit for her in the mornings. That would be a plus for all of us.

Our life might be changing next year when Commander finally retires for real. God knows what will be taking place and he knows what needs to be done now for us to be ready for His next assignment for us.

OKAY - I wanted to post this verse but blanked entirely as to where to find it in the Bible, so I searched the concordance. It didn't help. I couldn't believe it. So I saved this draft, click on the search engine for a Bible verse search program, and right in front of me on the screen two verses kept flip-flopping. The verse I wanted was right in front of my eyes. How Cool!

Jeremiah 29: 11 For I know the plans I have for you," declared the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

And, He gives the peace that surpasses all understanding.
Have a blessed weekend.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Raining down blessings

Last night at soccer practice we might have received 10-12 rain drops on the windshield. OH. I've been praying for rain, as a lot of people in the midwest have been doing, and last night we received a blessed answer to our prayers. There was about 1/2 and inch of water in the tub sitting on the back porch. Thank you, Lord. It is so parched and dry that we have to water our deck. That's right - the deck post have shifted enough that we can't fully shut the door. We have to bump it hard enough to get it to stick, and move furniture in front of it at night.

It was still sprinkling this morning when I joined Shannon A. for a bike ride. It was so refreshing to have overcast skies, the sprinkles bypassing my glasses to hit me in the eyes. The wide road that soon left suburbia to be surrounded by horse ranches and pastures with moo cows.  I love the wide open spaces of the midwest. I'm getting better about liking the rolling hills - Kansas isn't all flat.
This type of ride (hard workout 8.83 miles) this morning....

felt like this with the refreshing spirit of the Lord raining down on us. 

It has been so nice to have a companion for workouts. THanks Mrs. Shannon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Conserving resources, Pergola shade

Thank goodness I wasn't here for this conversation between Commander and Herogian. I probably would have shot milk out my nose.
"Hey, bub, you stink."
The boys had just returned inside from playing an airsoft war in 95+ degree heat with full camo suits, face mask, and armor of assorted styles.
"It's Saturday, Dad, I'm conserving resources. I didn't put any on this morning."
"That's the wrong kind of resource to conserve. We're trying to save the world, not fumigate it . Go put on some deodorant."
"Oh... all... right."

THe day room has really been heating us this summer. Last summer I stretchd a thin blue polyester type material across the beams to block out some of the heat, but it didn't look good. So come fall I yanked it back down.  Now I'm putting the sewing machine to use, doing grommet holes and hooks. It will make a big difference in the look and in the heat.
This is ceiling in early morning before the sun hits.

This is with pergola shade.
A story on the material.  I went to a bargain outlet and found the roll of material. It was 5 feet in length. The ladies working there had all kinds of stuff on their cutting table. I tried to engage the main one in charge with a little conversation about how Commander wanted to me find material with clouds on it. She immediately said she had to go to the bathroom and left. Hawk came back over from his wandering around and said he liked my choice. The problem now was that we needed to pull this five foot roll of material off the shelf and get 11 yards from it. It was on half price for $3.00 a yard. I was planning to do just one layer of material for each strip between the beams. WELLLLLL, Mrs. "I gotta go to the bathroom" had returned along with another woman who has cut material for me before. I turned and said Ladies, I need to get 11 yards off this roll. Mrs. "I gotta go", lifted an eyebrow and starred at me, then said,  "I sale you the whole roll for $10.00."
I couldn't believe it. "YEs, that would be great. Thank you."
I measured the material when I returned home. 19 yards of material. I have been able to do double strips instead of just single by getting three stips side by side. That was our bargain for the week.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

wrinkled egg to become a walnut

This was found by Herogian last week while I was away at the clinic. I'm so glad he saved it for me.
One of our chickens layed this wrinkled egg. I plan to paint it with modge podge then once hardened, try to carefully blow out the inside so we can keep the shell. It looks like an walnut. Don't you think?

The Level 2 coaching clinic went well. I passed Sports Pyschology, Sports Physiology, Training Theory and Biomechanics, and Combined Events (decathlon/heptathlon training). My brain is overflowing and needs time to organize all the information they crammed into our skulls last week. Las Vegas hit 115 degrees while there. I have been in hotter, 121 in Tucson, AZ. But once over 110 in such dry heat, it all fries you the same.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Running again

Yesterday and today were blessed days.  Mrs. Shannon A. and I have been able to meet together for running time. This is the picture she posted at Altic's Quiver. I thought it was perfect.

Mrs. Shannon has always had long flowing RED hair, and I, as you know from previous post, keep cutting mine short.
Yesterday, we met at Piper High School. You know, one of those public school systems that has so much tax money that their new football, track field is to DIE for.  Well, it is also closed to the public due to kids trying to vandalize the new equipment. Jerks.  So we circled the parking lots for the two school buildings. Each lap gradually got a little shorter as the corners were cut. As we rounded one of the last corners, I thought to myself, that if she wants to do another lap, I'd be good with running the sidewalks right along side the building, forget these large parking lots. We did four laps, 55 minutes. I was pleased with the feet, they hung in there and only cried to be iced after returning home.
This morning, we ran in Willow Park again. This is the soccer fields with a creek by the back fields. The trees overhanging the area keep the temperature down by at least 5 degrees. It feels really good to be in the shade. I once had the fields measured at somewhere just short of a half mile loop. So we did six loops today along with 4 x 60m strides. Striding with purposeful - pick the knees up, kick the butt cycling of the legs helps to improve the stride length.

I'm sleeping very well at night, thank you.
Would appreciate your prayers about the track clinic I'm attending next week. Getting nervous, excited... I don't know. I can pass the online questions with the modules, but am concerned with the case study type questions.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's sad.....

when the nurses in the hospital E.R. recognize you.

"I know you, oh, and you, too."

They greated us with this Sunday night. Commander ended up having his appendix removed at midnight. Two of our church elders and our youth director showed up to sit with me during the procedure. How awesome was that!

 The nurse called me at 10 the next morning to come get him. He is doing good, cleaning and helping out around the house. Getting bored.   The doctor is giving him two weeks off work. He will be back at the office before then, we can tell.  But the kitchen is cleaned from top shelf down. Wow.  The other thing God took care of by having this appendix flare at this time. Commander will be off work and home next week while I'm in Las Vegas taking exams learning how to coach multi-events better.
Have a GREAT 4th of July. Stay Free and Independent America.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Committed - just throw away the key.

I saw a poster that said  marriage and insanity were the same in that you are committed.

Cutting your own hair is another reason to be committed. Once you start the process, you are committed until you get it done, no stopping whatsoever. With cutting hair, like cutting boards, you better measure two or three times before you cut. The good thing is  it will grow back.  The scary part was committing to using the electric shaver (with cover guard) on the back side of the head with one hand while holding the mirror with the other, and trying to figure out how to get a comb back there.
Here's the results. I feel it came out VOGUE. I think Commander has other ideas about it. THe boys - I don't think they have noticed at all, so good.
It is so much cooler now with the 100 + degree weather outside.

Try holding the camera behind you to get the shot.

 Camera clicked before I looked away. I like the ipod feature of having to camera directions.

On a foot note : )    I walked for 1 hour today and then did four 100m strides down the field. My feet are doing good. I don't expect them to feel like new. They didn't start aching after 30 minutes, there were actually points when they felt better than they have in years.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hoola Hoop sizes and Runner's Bible Study

These are the two hoola hoops that I'm working with, one for weaving rugs, and one 5 pounder for toning the gut.
Now you can see why there was no way in Dixie that I could make that smaller one spin. I'd have to be shaking at 100 mph to keep it moving. But the big one, OMG, it is easy...  it is hard... it is going to knead the inches off my waist line, and tighten up the core. I enjoy a good muscle bur, and  it definitely gets you there fast.

I'm  also working on writing a Runner's Bible Study program. While it is in the beginner's stage. I'd like to hear from you about topics as a runner or non-runner that you would like to learn about concerning running. We will see what verses and study we can pull from the Bible to touch on that matter. I firmly believe the Bible address all issues in life. So let me hear from you.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crocheting new rug

Here is the new rug I'm working on for a friend. I'm using all Jersey knit material that I was able to purchase for $1.50 a yard. Awesome. The colors are: teal, aqua blue, violet, pink, light mint, and yellow. I actually like the colors so much that I'm going to use the rest of the material for a rug for my bathroom.
"But wait," you say, "you already did a rug for your bathroom."

"Yeah, isn't that great.'"
 I can pull it apart and use that material on the hoola hoop rug. I want to make it navy blue and red for Commander's Arizona Wildcat colors.
I know. Hawk shook his head too.
The instructions at the hoola hoop rug described a different way for attaching the strip ends together. It is awsome! 

For example;  to attach a blue strip to a red strip. Lay two inches of the blue strip end on top of the red strip end overlapping by two inches. Fold  this two inch overlap in half and cut a small notch. Open the notch with your fingers, keeping the two materials lined up, grab the other end of the blue strip, push that end up from the bottom and through the notch, then pull the blue strip all the way through. The two strips of material will hold together as if you've done a "Pinky swear" . It is the easiest method I've tried so far and the easiest to crochet into the rug.

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Pinterest's fault

It all started on Pinterest. Like, LIke, LIKE. This is the summer of crocheting rugs, latch hooking my own design, and now I found a hoola hoop rug loom pattern.
Today while I was in the "Mart"  I saw the Hoola Hoops.
I thought this was a perfect time to pick one up and have it available for the rug making. Then I thought that I could use the Hoola Hoop for exercising my CORE area while I finished the rug I'm working on now. I had seen a video clip where entire workouts were designed around using the hoop.(You'll catch on that I'm doing too much thinking here.)
When I arrived at home, I thought the garage would be a perfect place to try it out. To hoola-hoop, your hips need to have an easy forward and backward sway.
3 minutes of trying - couldn't do it.
5 minutes - no better.
10 minutes, I'm so shocked at the inability and lack of skill to make this thing work, that I head off for the internet to search - "How to hoola hoop." I end up watching youtube clips, while trying to "hoop it" in front of the computer screen.
 I'm scaring the dogs.  
The hoops on youtube look HUGE.
So I search hoola hoop sizes. I find a young girl explaining the different size hoops. The one I have, the one for a small 5 year old girl, or one that would be for an arm workout, will not work for a six foot adult. If you stand the hoop on the floor in front of you, it should reach the height of your belly button.  The one I bought reaches mid-thigh.
At least it will make a nice rug loom.
Then I start searching how to make my own.  After watching a few of these videos, I decide against buying 100 feet of tubing no matter how cheap that's suppose to be. I don't need 8 hoops.
I found a place to buy a 5 lb. power hoop that is collapsable.  Easy to carry, easy to put together.
I'm thinking again.
Throwers and jumpers on the track team are going to learn how to hoola hoop their core muscles into shape.
 I can't wait for circuit training.
Hawk can't wait to video tape the throwers.
And to think this all started on Pinterest.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank you for Homeschooling me.

If you are a homeschooling parent, you understand how sweet those words are to my ears. They came from Herogian. Saturday afternoon when he was home from his first week of boy scout camp, he and I were in the kitchen working on dinner. He told me that he thought an instructor at camp must have liked having him in class. I thought this was a bit vain, so I asked, 'why?"
"Because I'm about the only one that would be quiet and listen to instructions. So many of the kids just won't shut up when the instructor is talking."
I told him a lot of kids think it is okay to talk when an instructor is talking because they do it at school. It is a normal classroom problem for many teachers.
"Mom, have I told you thank you for homeschooling me?"
"You just did."
I also received a nice hug.

Here's a funny. We asked Gluten to let us use his Ipod during the week while he was gone so Dad could play "Tower Defense". He said no. Okay. I guess he then hid the Ipod because he thought his dad or I would try to guess the password, and in doing it too many times cause the thing to lock up. He got home Saturday around noon. He had to leave Sunday morning for the next week of camp. He hadn't found his IPOD. He couldn't remember where he hid it. LOL.

Anyone else having problems with their blog page not coming up so you can post?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

An Easy Gluten-free Quinoa, Broccoli and chicken Dinner

I like things easy when it comes to cooking dinner.
Since we have the empty nest syndrome around our house this week, I was cooking for one. Tonight, I came across the bag of Quinoa in the cabinet, and decided to try it.
 Boil 1 1/4 cups of water, dump in a cup of Quinoa, turn down the heat and let it simmer for 12 minutes. Then take it off the heat and sit for 5 minutes.
During this time defrost a few chicken strips in the microwave then toss them into the fry pan with Greek vinegarette and let them cook.
Put the steamer bag of broccoli into the microwave and let it cook for 5 minutes.
Everything was ready at about the same time.
 Scoop Quinoa onto a plate, then broccoli, place the chicken on top, and pour on some more vinegarette.
It was really good, Gluten free and healthy. Next will be to try it on the family. I know the Commander will like it.

Just add chicken.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The 12th - 19.5

19 years and 6 months.
This morning I woke just before 6:30 and thought I'd better get out of bed to mix up the crepe batter. I had promised Commander that we would have them for breakfast. He is working a shift with his old jobmates and working the night shift. He was to get off at 6:00, go to the gym and I'd probably see him around 8:30. The crepes batter needs to sit in the refrig for 30  minutes to 3 hours. As I turned on the kitchen light, I heard something at the front door - outside the entry way.  I look through the glass and see Tony searching his key ring for the storm door key.  I step out to open it, he looks up and shouts,       "Happy Anniversary - I got you!" 

If you remember from earlier post, we do this every month. He has beaten me so many times it isn't funny. I was even waiting up for his call last night at 12:01 because he has done that so many times in the past - that it isn't funny. :-P
He couldn't get to a phone. So he got me at the front door, blurry eyed- and rattailed.

THis is for Commander. Happy 19.5 Anniversary. Picked from our berry patch this evening.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

rag rug and slat picture

Just a couple of things I've worked on lately. I like the split picture style. I did a large blue sun for the 'Day Room', you might remember this picture. I wanted to paint something for a friend's birthday (Happy Birthday, Terri) and decided to do her a small version. I called it 'Fractured Light"  - Even though we are fractured, God's light can still shine through us.
 I forgot to take a picture of it after attaching it to a thin strip of wood. I off set the slats a bit more than it is in this picture. Now,  I'm going to try and make her a rag rug with the same kind of colors. I can't wait. Just have to find the right color of sheets. Lemon, teal, purple, and lime.
The rag rug below is what I started when I had the surgery on my feet. This thing started as a rectangle, oval, circle, and failed. I then decided going back and forth with straight lines would do. But I must confess, I didn't count stitches or safety pin marking points. Once the thing started getting to big for my lap and I had to fold it in half, I started slipping in an extra stitch on the ends. So it came out  longer on one side. Which, when I put it in the bathroom worked great, because I wanted it on the floor at an angle from the sink to the toilet. It covers the floor at both areas perfectly. The laundry basket is holding the large balls of 3/4" strips of material. Cut one end of the sheet and just rip. Hawk had fun helping me on this part. To hook the strips together, I snipped one end of the strip twice - at 1" and at 2 " from the end. By weaving the new strip in and out these two holes, the strips would weave in together. Afterwards, the ends need to be tucked.

the finished version. I only had one pink sheet, one light blue, and the dark blue was a pack of curtains with a sheet that I bought at a yard sale for $1. Some of the blue is faded from sunlight giving it two shades of navy blue. I used a crocheting hook for yarn, so the loops are tight. It will be nice in the winter to have it under foot.
When I painted
the fractured sun for Terri, I painted this for my bathroom. It is to remind me that
life is full of color, including attitudes, feelings, emotions, and love can be expressed in many different ways (or colors). It says,  Lord, thank you for the COLORS in Life.
I now working on a t-shirt latch hook rug -an impressionist style garden.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What is it with birthday months and attitudes?

I feel like I just asked this question last month when Gluten turned 13. What is with this attitude that jumps out of the wall when a teenager is about to have a birthday?  The superior, I'm right, I know it all, it should be this way because that's how I want it. Good Gravy!

Hawk witness the blow up, melt down, fireworks, which ever term you choose, when Herogian decided to give me a load of attitued about his driver's ed program being enough that he should get his permit now and not have to drive 50 hours with a parent. Yeah, right,  teenage drivers are like unstable dynamite, ready to explode on the population of drivers out there who have to have manditory insurance coverage because these young whipperstapers are so unstable. But hear it from their mouth and they are God's gift to the road.
It went down hill from there with attitude about taking care of the chickens properly and doing chores 100 %. If you can't mop the floor with a Swiffer and get all the floor, then I'll just have to let you get a bucket of soapy water , get down on your knees and try again to clean the floor. The object is clean, not wet.

THen there was the hurry off to boy scouts meeting. I drove so we could quickly navigate through town by taking a few turns. He actuallyhad the gull to ask me, "Where are we? The meeting starts in a couple of minutes. Are you lost?"  Maybe if you pay attention while driving your 50 hours with me, you'll learn that the church is two blocks ahead and one block west. I should have stopped and let him walk from there. It might have releaved some of the stress in the car. Then he pulled the old Passive Defiant behavior that he is a pro at. Left the wallet at home, - no driver's license, can't drive.
Well, No driver's license, no TV when we get home.

Okay, fumed enough. Teenagers!!!!     The cause of gray hair.  :-)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Butchering meat birds

Last night we placed four of the meat birds into two dog kennels and let them spend the night in the shed. THis allows them to empty out their systems before the butchering process, helping to keep things cleaner. Herogian set up the chopping block with two nails about 1 1/2 inches apart so it would help keep the head trapped on the block.
This morning I set up our table, two ladders with a pole between them, four wires to hang the birds from, and the ice chest full of boiling hot water. Two buckets were under the hanging area to catch the drippings, and a lined trash can was ready for the feathers and innered.  The boys had received a nice knife set at Christmas with three different sized blades, these really came in handy.
Herogian actually got out of bed to help. That was a major plus to the morning. Before I was out with the last pot of hot water he had one ready for the dunking. THe hot water bath really helps the feathers to let go and come off easily. The gutting of the bird is a lot easier without the feathers in the way. I feel like I'm getting the knack for it when I can reach inside and get everything plus the trachea in one good swoop and pull. We didn't have one spill of the messy stuff by keeping everything intact.
After another dunk in hot water, we cut through the knee joints.
Great timing for the dishwasher repair man to show up. This was probably the first time I've had a service window of four hours and they actually showed in the first hour. Hawk wouldn't let the guy into the house until I was there, so I came in with blood splatter and four naked birds ready for their last washing. I think he was a bit surprised but impressed that we had raised our own food. I later found that my face was splattered with blood. That probably caused his surprise. Blood splattered woman answering the door and telling you to come inside. I'm surprised he didn't run the other way.

It was good to get the job done, but too much time on the feet. I'm taking tomorrow off. We will probably try to do the other two chickens and the peking duck on Wednesday. Gotta get these jobs done before the boys head off to boy scout camp for two weeks and church camp.
Herogian smoked two of the birds on the grill and the other two are in the freezer. Yeah.

Gluten is at Science Camp   but he must be dodging the camera or he ran away from camp. Just kidding. Didn't see him in any of todays photos, though.  Hmmm.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I had a birthday

It happened. Another year has gone by. Another year of borrowed time, I sometimes feel. Another year of trying to get the boys ready for the real world out there on their own. Commander and I only have a few more years of molding the boys softly, after that it will take a big stick to make a dent. Another year of wondering if I'm doing what God wants me to be doing or am I doing it for myself. Another year trying to get better organized, declutter life, and accept the things I can't change. I have a smile on my face as I look back over this last year. I think it has been a good one, the spiritual growth slow and steady - that's always best. The Type A personality has relaxed a bit. I've taken a few of the irons out of the fire and actually set them down for later. Other things are more important right now, family relationships, boys education, spiritual life, and health.

I would have let this year pass on by without saying anything if it hadn't been for a couple of friends who sent me birthday wishes by FB, text and phone. Commander wanted to know what they said. So knowing he was too wrapped up in the day events (taking Gluten to camp) to remember my birthday...ugh... I told him to look at the calendar. I don't know a way to say "Honey, today is my birthday!" without making him feel bad. So I told him thank you for the Ipod, and the backback  that I was using on our weekend trip (both of which I bought last month or two). And dadgumit, I got a year older.

Monday, May 28, 2012

simply simple minded

While returning from a Memorial Day Cookout with friends - Thanks C. and C., Gluten was doing two things at once and asked if I liked how he was multi-tasking.
"You can multi-task here in the car, but you can't multi-task by reading while eating breakfast (during the school year)?"
"That's different," he said. "My mind is simple in the morning."
I looked over at Commander while biting my lower lip. He was also pressing his lips together to styme the giggles.
Gluten continued, "I'm simply not awake enough to multi-task with a book. I prefer to keep it simple." He continued to fiddle with his Ipod and phone at the same time.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wishing you a great day ...

I hope Memorial Day comes with great weather for you and your family. It will be nice to be with friends and to remember those who have touched our lives.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't worry about it, pray about it.

I've always been the uptight personality, always needing to be in charge and doing it myself. It is sad that it has taken so long for me to finally see this side lessen. Yesterday the dogs, disappeared again. Gate left open from one of the boys mowing - but we all have left the gate open at one time or another.  We figured this out about an hour after the dogs dinner and trip outside. After one 'coast' around the neighborhood ( I'm not driving well, yet with the feet). I felt the overwhelming urge to not worry about it. They are GOD'S creation, and he will take care of them like he did before when they ventured out in March for 2 days. A big difference this time is that I can't go driving all over putting up signs or driving to the different farms. Prayer. I know the boys prayed, they didn't want to go to bed with the dogs not home. I specifically asked for the dogs to come back that night. Herogian, Gluten and Commander are leaving for the weekend to go fishing and camping.
At midnight, we finally headed off to bed. Hawk was the last one to come in from the front yard, yelling for the dogs. I was restless in bed, and tried to focus on praying for the dogs, family, and following days.  I had also stepped wrong, and my right foot felt swollen and painful. I was praying that God would heal my feet.

SIDE TRACK HERE - In 2 Chronicles I had recently read about King ASA 'a good king' who basically didn't trust God in his later life. It stated that he came down with a serious disease of the feet and only relied on the physicians to heal him. He didn't seek God. For a foot disease to be mentioned in the Bible, and I'm reading about this at the time I had foot surgery - really tweeked my thoughts. Had I jumped to the conclusion of surgery too soon?   More later.....

After 1:00 a.m. Hawk came into my room with his flashlight (startling to wake up to) and said he heard the dogs barking outside, he was sure of it.  I told him to go out front and call them, as I hobbled out of bed. We had left the gate open, doggie door open, and the garage door partially up in case they came home. Casey met Hawk at the side of the garage. When Hawk brought Casey into the house, we heard the distinct sound of the doggie door being used and Penny coming up the steps. Hallelujah!!  Prayers were answered. What a blessing.

The dogs were covered in burrs and they stank. A mixer of cow manure and skunk. Gluten and I stayed up for the next 2 hours picking burrs out of fur, trimming, and Gluten gave Casey a bath. The dogs snuggled down between our legs and let us pick at them until they fell asleep.

THey will need another bath today, - bought some skunk shampoo. And that fence gate, I think it is time for a better system, something that swings shut - HARD.

SIDE TRACK TWO - I saw the doctor today. He thought the feet looked well. I still can't walk much or drive for another week. He didn't remove the stitches. He did tell me that the neroma was as large around as a pencil. The nerve couldn't follow the groove between the tendons and had actually curved upon itself.  It sorta jumped out when he cut into the foot and opened the area. He believes that I will definitely see relief with the feet. 'It was the worst he has seen so far'. I bet he tells that to all his patience.
Thanks to C and C Coker for helping me get to the doctors office. You two are wonderful.