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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank you for Homeschooling me.

If you are a homeschooling parent, you understand how sweet those words are to my ears. They came from Herogian. Saturday afternoon when he was home from his first week of boy scout camp, he and I were in the kitchen working on dinner. He told me that he thought an instructor at camp must have liked having him in class. I thought this was a bit vain, so I asked, 'why?"
"Because I'm about the only one that would be quiet and listen to instructions. So many of the kids just won't shut up when the instructor is talking."
I told him a lot of kids think it is okay to talk when an instructor is talking because they do it at school. It is a normal classroom problem for many teachers.
"Mom, have I told you thank you for homeschooling me?"
"You just did."
I also received a nice hug.

Here's a funny. We asked Gluten to let us use his Ipod during the week while he was gone so Dad could play "Tower Defense". He said no. Okay. I guess he then hid the Ipod because he thought his dad or I would try to guess the password, and in doing it too many times cause the thing to lock up. He got home Saturday around noon. He had to leave Sunday morning for the next week of camp. He hadn't found his IPOD. He couldn't remember where he hid it. LOL.

Anyone else having problems with their blog page not coming up so you can post?

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Julie said...

Oh bless his heart! Okay, I'm ready to arrange a marriage between him and one of my girls, LOL!!! But seriously, I'm sure that made your heart sing. Too much of the time I'm trying to convince my kids they ought to appreciate more that they are homeschooled.
And the ipod issue is hilarious! My oldest is the only one that has one and we've seriously went around and around about limiting usage on it. Hope your summer is delightful :-)! Julie
Oh and as far as trouble posting, I haven't done much because our internet provider is so slooooooow. Hopefully one day Tim will have enough and change.