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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What is it with birthday months and attitudes?

I feel like I just asked this question last month when Gluten turned 13. What is with this attitude that jumps out of the wall when a teenager is about to have a birthday?  The superior, I'm right, I know it all, it should be this way because that's how I want it. Good Gravy!

Hawk witness the blow up, melt down, fireworks, which ever term you choose, when Herogian decided to give me a load of attitued about his driver's ed program being enough that he should get his permit now and not have to drive 50 hours with a parent. Yeah, right,  teenage drivers are like unstable dynamite, ready to explode on the population of drivers out there who have to have manditory insurance coverage because these young whipperstapers are so unstable. But hear it from their mouth and they are God's gift to the road.
It went down hill from there with attitude about taking care of the chickens properly and doing chores 100 %. If you can't mop the floor with a Swiffer and get all the floor, then I'll just have to let you get a bucket of soapy water , get down on your knees and try again to clean the floor. The object is clean, not wet.

THen there was the hurry off to boy scouts meeting. I drove so we could quickly navigate through town by taking a few turns. He actuallyhad the gull to ask me, "Where are we? The meeting starts in a couple of minutes. Are you lost?"  Maybe if you pay attention while driving your 50 hours with me, you'll learn that the church is two blocks ahead and one block west. I should have stopped and let him walk from there. It might have releaved some of the stress in the car. Then he pulled the old Passive Defiant behavior that he is a pro at. Left the wallet at home, - no driver's license, can't drive.
Well, No driver's license, no TV when we get home.

Okay, fumed enough. Teenagers!!!!     The cause of gray hair.  :-)

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Michelle said...

Feeling your pain! And TL wants to get up into my face sometimes. ughhhhh

I'll just keep praying!