Commander and I enjoy Homeschooling boys (Herogian, Hawk and Gluten), raising chickens, ducks, and dogs ( Penny and Casey), eating gluten free, surviving breast cancer, coach track and field, and loving God for every minute that He gives us to cherish our family.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What day is this?

Today and tomorrow have been today and tomorrow, today. I was scheduled to work (I thought). The shift hours were really different 4-9:30. I usually work 7-11 on Thursdays. I thought maybe I had goofed on the available work hours I turn in for each week, with this being Christmas Break. Off I go to work today. Three people immediately ask me, "Whose hours are you working?"

"Mine. Why?"
At Customer Service I found out why, I wasn't on schedule for today. I'm scheduled for tomorrow. Since we will be closing early for the holiday, I have different hours to get my 'time' in. I clocked in for three minutes today. Yes, the team manager, the customer service clerks, and the sackers that were surprised to see me, were all getting a good laugh when I had to turn around and go back to clock out.

I walk out to the van, call home, look up and realize the Commander's truck is in the next row of cars ( the Arizona Wildcat magnet really stands out - goddy). He's shopping and expecting to  say 'hi' to me as I start my shift. Back into the store I go to find him. I then run into the boss, which reminds me to tell her my time card needs to be fixed for the three minutes. Yes, she enjoyed that bit of humor. NOT.  Commander says I'm just showing them my Ditzy side. Thanks. As if they didn't know that already.

About fifteen minutes ago, I texted my sister and Oklahoma friend to wish them a 'Happy New Year, early'. I'm thinking here that they won't mind a three hour head start on the wishes. That's when the Commander says something about the last day of the year  - tomorrow. So - - --oooo they got a twenty-seven hour early wish for the New Year. Goodness. What day is this?
I sure hope I make it to work tomorrow.

So to all my blogging friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR, EARLY!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas - I got pinked

OKGRANNY asked how early did the boys get up? Considering it was after midnight before they went to bed and I quit hanging ceiing tile, they were kind enough to try and let us sleep until 8:00. Penny started the wake up process at 5:00 am, which sent Commander in from the Day room where he was camping out with 2 of the boys. T13 and Herogian slept in the new 2 man tent. At 7:00 someone let Neelix out of his room to be fed, so he then expected to jump in bed with me.

For Christmas, I got pinked. It's great. I have a white UnderArmour hat with pink ribbon, a large pink water bottle with pink ribbon that snaps shut to use for work. A pink ribbon and silver hook bookmarker, perfect, and pink ribbon pj pants to sleep in, along with a pink microfleece blanket that is as soft as a teddy bear. I don't wear much pink out of the house, but I do wear it to bed. Go figure. 
This Christmas turned out to be a clothes Christmas for the boys. (Crossing my fingers) they might be hitting a growth spurt. They each had socks, underwear, gloves, shirts or jackets under the tree. They did get some money to buy something that they prefer. As you can guess the soft packages weren't the biggest hits, but necessary.

Commander received an enamel stoneware casserole pot and candy out the wahzoo. I'm hoping he uses the new dish today.;-0
He did an awesome job last night with ham and mashed pototoes. I wasn't expecting a big meal. So it was a nice surprise to be called to dinner while hanging the ceiling tile.
I am loving the ceiling tile. It is so easy to manuever into place, cut around pipes and corners. The boys each stepped into the room (at different times) and said it made the room 'classy'.

Last night was Christmas Eve service. We do a short 30 minute service of singing, short message and fellowship with extended family's in Christ. It was nice. We have a pastor and youth director with the most loving heart toward serving God. It is the only church I have ever attended where hugs flow freely. Genuine love for God and man abound - what a difference it makes in our lives.

I also want to thank you - my blogging friends, for making a difference in my life. I really enjoy reading your blogs, finding out that you have visited here, and getting notes from you. I know the process of posting a note sometimes has you jumping through hoops to get it through. Thank you for jumping.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas! I so treasure these words as I grow older. What a blessing they are to us all. They represent the beginning of a journey. God's journey through His Son to save a world gone rotten. It is unthinkable, uncomprehendable, amazing to think that the God of this world could love me (and you) enough to send His Son to die for us. For His Son to take on human form, so that He could be the sacrifice, for our sins, to bridge the gap, we created, between us and God. He became a baby, lying in a manger, worshipped by angels and shepherds alike. Oh, Holy Night.

Today I also shouted Halleluiah! Yes Lord! Yes Lord! The ceiling tile is going into the grid. The master carpenter is guiding me through this onerous project. Thank you, Lord. I still have the outer edges to do, but what a relief.

I thought you'd get a kick out of this next one. This is what Herogian brought in from the coop yesterday. The white is from a banty, the middle is a large egg, and then there is whopper. Ouch.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still hanging around

The picture from yesterday's post can be today's post. The grid is giving me fits. Besides being overhead and giving me cramps in my shoulders, the thing just doesn't want to snap together. I did get the light moved to the next grid over, but it is still hanging above, not ready to sit in its spot yet.
I was able to drywall the ceiling in the closet, mud some more edges, then hit the point of tears with the ceiling. That's when Commander walked in and said,"TAMPICO for dinner."
For about two minutes I wanted to continue fighting with the ceiling. That "A personality" just didn't want to quit.
We enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner.

Today - I'm procrastinating. I'll probably do the second coat of primer paint, but I'm not even going to look up. OKGRANNY - your husband massages like mine. Thirteen seconds and he's done. His fingers just can't keep from tickling.
I hope to show finished pictures  to you before the weekend in over.

OKGRANNY has a video with goats and Jingle Bells. You can find her on the side of the page. It was hilarious. Herogian is now begging for a goat. And because of Arby's post at BoardinginBedlam, he wants the lost pig.  "Oh bother," said Pooh.

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

just hanging around

Don't worry it won't come down, it is wired with wire, string, fishing line (80 lb. test weight). This is where I had to stop last night. Will finish the grid today, sand the walls for the last time and put on the second coat of primer.  I'll be ready for a shoulder rub this evening when the Commander gets home from the gym, uh, work.  Hint, hint honey.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ornament favorites

A few of my blogging friends have made their blogs so festive with pictures from their decoration. I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and attempt to toss a little holiday cheer onto this ole' blog. Here goes...
Some of my favorite ornaments.
The puzzle wreaths with the boys pictures from first grade along with the stainglass cross between them.
 Bells, I like bells on Christmas trees, ringing in the good news.
 I also like tin ornaments. This one is hanging a bit lopsided.
 Then there is the Commander's favorite. It always hangs near the top of the tree.
Here's a better picture of the stain glass cross.
From our family to yours. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A hunting worth of exercise

I purchased a deer tag and a turkey tag recently for Herogian. Thank goodness he is still under the age of 16. Hunting could get expensive.
 A friend from post took him out last weekend scouting and then hunting for deer. Herogian was strapped into a deer stand, whick he thought was totally cool. They came home empty handed.
This week I decided he needed a chance to find a turkey. A friend from church had said something about a bunch of turkeys running across his property. Sunday, I asked if I could bring Herogian out this afternoon to see if we could spot where the turkeys might be roosting along the creek. What Herogian doesn't know is -- this is basically the best exercise he has had in the last month. Layering up in clothes, heavy boots, overcoat, and carrying a bow. Then he goes trudging up and down the countryside, stepping on and over logs, pushing through heavy brush, crossing a creek, and definitely not being quiet on the dry bed of leaves, twigs, and grass. We must have spooked everything out of the field.
We found a large tree made especially for sitting, it had three large section angling off right at ground level then curving upward. Sit down, lean back and listen to the sounds of the wild. Well sorta, the farmer to the south was using heavy equipment around his barn up on the hill.
Herogian finally asked if we could go, he had to remind me that the one thing we forgot was flashlights. I could have sat there until the lunar eclipse - well the cloud cover might be a problem. It was nice though.
As we were heading back up the horse trail, Herogian spotted a fresh deer rub. We walked another 20 yards and stopped. Something was crashing through the brush behind us headed for the creek. A deer.
Then of course, on the drive home, Herogian spotted two deer running toward the road, I slowed and they passed in front of us, two young bucks. UGHHHHH. SPEED UP, MOM.
He'll sleep good tonight.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

busy day, busy week planned

I'm not scheduled to work at the store until next Thursday. Thank goodness for that! Herogian just told me I needed to sit down and watch a movie with him, I was working too much for a Saturday. I work from son up until son down and then some. Don't all mothers?

The drywall is up. The mudding is in stages of either 1 or 2 coats. I did receive a nice tip today from a friend who paints professionally. He told me to prime after the second coat of mud. That way if there are any dings in the drywall they show up better and I'll be able to fill them in while doing the third coat of mud. Excellent. Tonight might finish the second coat of mud on the two large walls. Tomorrow I can then sand and paint, and apply the second coat to the rest of the seams. I'm really pushing to have the room painted and ceiling in place before Christmas. The carpet should come the following week. I used a plastic corner bead in the room and like how it finished. I now know what to do with the corner edge in the kitchen, family room, and the stairway. You know the beaten up edges that flake everytime a hand grabs hold of them. Or, as in our case, everytime the boys climb the walls and brace themselves in the doorways.

I opened the box of ceiling tile from Ceilume. I can't wait to hang it. I'm amazed at how thin and light the panels are. Check them out if you are wanting to change the look of your ceiling. You can nail them to the ceiling or use them as drop panels. .

 Here we are at the point of starting Christmas break and I'm looking forward to spending time planning out a couple of new subjects for the boys. Don't tell them. We will be starting some SAT prep. It only takes a few minutes a day, but you know boys, they don't like anything added to their schedules.  We will also spend some time improving our reading speed and comprehension. Herogian is only excited about it if it will get him through history faster.

Penny is getting to be a challenge. Especially for T13. He has lost his dinner twice in the last week. "I only turned away for a moment." That's all it takes for Penny to eat your lasagna. It is sure different having a big dog in the house.

Hope you have a great week.  Keep your eyes on your food.

Friday, December 17, 2010

I got a blogging award. I'm blushing

A friend and fellow homeschooler sent me a blogging award. How cool.  Here it is.
That pretty neato. It adds some class to the EF AND B. Don't ya think.
Along with the blog award came some questions that are supposed to be answered. 
Oh bother. That sounds more like a brain cramper.

Well here goes,
My official language is Oklahomian. I have already been told to keep my trap shut when and if we travel abroad. German with Oklahoma twang "Speakidee dooch?" Ahh, Beeta. DANKA.

What did I use to play?  Well, I played the piano, (forced under threat of torture), the trumpet, loved it. Band conflicted with Basketball practice. I had a silver Binge, I could hit three octave "G's. That when your face turns red and you pass out. I also played basketball, track and field, cross-country in high school. High jumped in college and beyond. I trained for the Olympics until 199.......

Oh poo, there is a question about food. I have celiac sprue - Gluten Intolerance. I'm waiting for heaven when I can eat Dunk'n Donuts chocolate cream fills again. Until then, I enjoy the Commander's cooking, Tampico's Pollo Asada, and frosting on just about anything else. I even made frosting for dipping apple slices into when I was pregnant.

Another questions dealt with continents. I live on one, I have traveled to three others while competing for various United States Track teams. Japan to compete against the USSR, Korea, Tawian, Brazil - competed against the world record holder, Yugoslavia for World University Games, Canada's east coast and west coast.   I have lived in five states, after making the statement in college that I'd never live east of the Mississippi or in California, God laughed, and I have done both.

Music - Eclectic - I like Paul Potts, Daniel Rodrigues, Mandissa, Vavaldi, Charlotte Church, Glen Miller, Philadelphia Chickens and older Garth Brooks (Did you know he gave me my first kiss at the age of 15. He lost a game of basketball to me and had to escort me to the following years banquet. What a guy, he kept his promise.)

Why do I blog. It started out as a way to practice my writing skills. Then I let those slip. Now I enjoy blogging the nonsense that happens in life. I figure someone out there needs a smile and a lift during their day. If they can see the insantity going on here, maybe they won't feel so frazzled about their life. If so, then I've done good. Pass on a smile. Sometimes I like to show the projects I'm working on, so family can see our place. We don't get as many visitors as we would like, they have busy lives elsewhere.

THe last question had to do with feeling the joy of life growing with in me. I had it three times, resulting in three boys that I'm amazed by, enjoy their company totally, can't imagine not homeschooling with them. There was a fourth time I felt something growing in me, but that was due to the pot of beans, and the pot of chili I ate at the Yogi Bear Campground in South Dakota. My belly went from flat to four months pregnant size in less than ten minutes.  It was painful, it was aweful. I don't eat chili and beans anymore. The boys wouldn't let the subject drop for many years afterwards. So hush about it. OKAY.

I have to think about who to send this blog award on to. I'm running out of steam right now. Oh Hoot, it's after midhight.