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Saturday, December 18, 2010

busy day, busy week planned

I'm not scheduled to work at the store until next Thursday. Thank goodness for that! Herogian just told me I needed to sit down and watch a movie with him, I was working too much for a Saturday. I work from son up until son down and then some. Don't all mothers?

The drywall is up. The mudding is in stages of either 1 or 2 coats. I did receive a nice tip today from a friend who paints professionally. He told me to prime after the second coat of mud. That way if there are any dings in the drywall they show up better and I'll be able to fill them in while doing the third coat of mud. Excellent. Tonight might finish the second coat of mud on the two large walls. Tomorrow I can then sand and paint, and apply the second coat to the rest of the seams. I'm really pushing to have the room painted and ceiling in place before Christmas. The carpet should come the following week. I used a plastic corner bead in the room and like how it finished. I now know what to do with the corner edge in the kitchen, family room, and the stairway. You know the beaten up edges that flake everytime a hand grabs hold of them. Or, as in our case, everytime the boys climb the walls and brace themselves in the doorways.

I opened the box of ceiling tile from Ceilume. I can't wait to hang it. I'm amazed at how thin and light the panels are. Check them out if you are wanting to change the look of your ceiling. You can nail them to the ceiling or use them as drop panels. .

 Here we are at the point of starting Christmas break and I'm looking forward to spending time planning out a couple of new subjects for the boys. Don't tell them. We will be starting some SAT prep. It only takes a few minutes a day, but you know boys, they don't like anything added to their schedules.  We will also spend some time improving our reading speed and comprehension. Herogian is only excited about it if it will get him through history faster.

Penny is getting to be a challenge. Especially for T13. He has lost his dinner twice in the last week. "I only turned away for a moment." That's all it takes for Penny to eat your lasagna. It is sure different having a big dog in the house.

Hope you have a great week.  Keep your eyes on your food.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

We had bull-nose edges put on all our doorways when our home was built. And. I. LOVE. Them. There is just one tiny thing about them. When painting adjoining rooms and you want the colors of the rooms different, you have to be really steady when you paint the break between the two rooms.