Commander and I enjoy Homeschooling boys (Herogian, Hawk and Gluten), raising chickens, ducks, and dogs ( Penny and Casey), eating gluten free, surviving breast cancer, coach track and field, and loving God for every minute that He gives us to cherish our family.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 year I wasn't ready for has gone by

I recently looked back at a post (Jan 11) that I never posted. It reminded me that this year started with a portent, ominous feeling. I wasn't ready for 2011 to start. But you can't stop the clock or tell the calendar to slow down. I might have been dragging my heels into the year, but I'd say things turned around and I've been leaning forward looking toward 2012.

2012 will be twenty years for the Commander and I. March 12 will be anniv. for 1st date, Sept. 12th engagement, and Dec. 12 wedding. We are hoping to do something special (Garmin, Germany) for our anniversary. We will see.

This year had us looking for another house for some unknown reason. The year is finishing with us planning two egress windows downstairs and building out an area of the room into a new bedroom, then there will be painting and someday redoing the kitchen. Once again, we feel like God is telling us to stay put and quit looking to move.

This year had us training for the Bataan Death March Memorial Marathon. That has ended with Morton's Neuroma in both feet, Commander pulling his back out of whack, and my coaching position being in full swing at the time of the march. The coaching was a plus to the year that I never expected. I am so looking forward to watching the kids perform, learning how to recruit, and hopefully bringing in some jumpers and throwers for the 2012-2013 team. Recruiting definitely causes you to look to the future.

I have learned to butcher duck this year, I have put the writing a novel aside, I have started doing puzzles again and love the relaxation it brings - slows life down for me. I've enjoyed reading the Old Testament again, gaining new insight into the kings of Israel and Judah and the prophets. I still enjoy homeschooling and spending the days with our boys. This new year will add driver's ed to our schedule at some point. UGH!

I've enjoyed having friends here on the computer. Thanks goes to all of you who stop by to see what's up at the EFandB.

OKGRANNY - Commander likes your church rubber band.

Have a Happy New Year, may it be blessed.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Not New Years Eve New Years Eve Party

The boys are having a couple of friends over tonight for an all nighter Not New Years Eve Celebration of New Years Eve. Why would they be doing it tonight, you ask?
They know they have to get up Sunday morning for church. Plus, Mom and Dad are real good about poking fingers into ribs if eyes start to close in church, or don't open soon enough after prayers. I thought it was a good idea for them to party tonight. Let's just hope I can say that in the morning.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Here are the new PCV practice hurdles for
the track team. Hawk is by the 36" hurdle, the one in
front is twenty inches.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week before Christmas

Life is always hecktick around this time of year. It's a good hecktick, trying to bake extra, get Christmas cards out, finish schooling for the semester. This week included water in the basement AGAIN. This time through a crack in the foundation wall. UGH.  We will turn this mess into a good thing though. Since the foundation will have to be dug out with a backhoe to find the length of the crack, Commander liked the idea of putting in an egress, and turning this corner of the room into another bedroom. He is trying really hard to get a room for his own - computer, man cave.

Wednesday was interesting with trying to make angel food cakes for us and cookies for the church non-Christmas Eve Christmas Eve service. The first cake came out great with no sugar. Didn't plan it that way. The second cake, well, it ended up in the garbage disposal. I forgot the flour, tried to pull the fluffy egg whites back out of the oven, they wouldn't whip up again once the flour was added. They had fluffed up so pretty, too.  Commander came home and put the rush on getting to church early. So the cookies, they were still cooling on the table as we rushed out the door. Didn't think about them until the third song was being played.

The mail lady arrived a while ago. The Christmas cards were still sitting on the kitchen table. So I'll just shout it from the roof top
Thanks for stopping by the EFandB.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Twelve Days of Homeschool

Twelve Days of Homeschool        Here's one for the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday break homeschoolers.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yeah! Commander is home

I'm a bit late posting this great news. The Commander was able to come home Tuesday afternoon. He will recoop at home for the rest of the week before returning to work and having some back therapy. Since he has to lay low for a while, he is able to finish a Christmas gift calendar we make every year for his mother and ourselves - collage pictures for every month from the previous years. It's a great way to catalog pictures without having to stay up with photo albums. When I'm old and gray I'll just flip through the years having great memories - hopfully I'll remember.

Thank you for your prayers for Commander and the family.

Monday, December 12, 2011

In the hospital now

Hey, Commander could use prayers. We had to use the ambulance service to help get him to the hospital for his back. He probably felt like he was going through labor with the amount of back spasms he was having. It was rough on him. Haven't been able to talk to him today, yet. Hopefully the meds are working and they are finding out if disc are involved. Thanks for the prayers.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

doing better

Thanks for your prayers. Commander was able to go to work for part of the day and then to the chiropractor. He is actually sitting up tonight. Yeah!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flat on his back - & T shirts for sale

My po'r whittle Commander is flat on his back.  There, that should do it. Once he sees that comment he'll be up in arms.

The guy pulled, yanked, or slipped his back Tuesday night right before he was scheduled to take over kid duty with boy scouts and soccer.  He was hurting so bad his eyes were bugged out. He scared me. He did this 12 years ago right after T12 was born. I remember us placing the baby in the crook of Commander's arm while he lie on the floor. He couldn't hold the baby for a few days.

He had been down since Tuesday. This morning we did the early morning call to get a same day appointment with his therapist on post. Monday? They want to give him an appointment on Monday?. Now if that doesn't sound like our government stepping in and taking over the health system of our soldiers, I don't know what does.
I think it is chiropractor time. We have a good one in town that we've seen for 10 + years. It's time for him to work a little adjustment.
So if you don't mind, keep praying for the Commander. We could sure use him back on his feet. I don't want him getting to comfortable with me waiting hand and foot on him.

The track team is selling this t-shirt to raise money. If you feel like having a navy long sleeve shirt and want to support the team. Let me know. We have s-xl for  $20.00 I'll throw in shipping. The proceeds will help us purchase uniforms, travel bags, and pay for travel expenses this first year.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life lessons are hard

T12 had a hard day which kind of spilled over.  He went camping with the Boy Scout crew last night. It started raining and rained all night and most of today. Commander had to pick him up in time for a soccer game at 6:00 tonight. He had left all his soccer gear in the van Thursday night, thinking this was a good idea. Wrong. This is not where his gear is supposed to be kept. He hurried into the house grabbed his shirt and shorts and ran to the van thinking he was doing good. Four miles down the road we pulled over to search the van for a missing soccer sock. To end the turmoil of the moment, we decided to stop at W**mart and buy him a pair of socks - which he needs anyway. This was almost a mistake. There were three lanes open at each end of the store and 4 to 5 people in each line. I think the maniac look in my eyes as I stared at the closed express lanes informed the woman in front of me that I really needed to cut in line. She was a real sweetie, and understood when I explained that we were trying to get to the game with this detour. Ugh.
At the fieldhouse, we end up waiting (thank goodness) because games are running late. T12 joins his team before the game and takes off his sweats. That's when we realize he is wearing his white shirt and one white sock. His full soccer team is green and white, but when they split the team for Futsal, his team is considered the white team, but they are suppose to carry both shirts with them to all games. T12 didn't have his green top with him since he changed so fast at home and didn't bring his soccer bag. So, of course with the way things were going today, he would need his green shirt. The coach found a LARGE shirt for him to wear. Now, this worked out okay because the coach decided to put T12 into goalie and the other goalie needed a green jersey to play on the field. Are you getting all this?
We survived the game. 14-0 loss. It was pathetic.  T12 joined us in the snack area to leave, he was carrying a green sock. The coach had found it at practice. The missing sock from the van.
Let's pray for him tomorrow. He has to help the Boy Scouts unpack at the church and then go to another game with Commander. If he forgets anything - he might be walking home.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

one chest hair

Okay, I'm not sure I'm ready for too many years of teenagers. Tonight one of the boys wanted to show me that he had one chest hair. Then he asked if I wanted to feel his "army-pit" (it's been called that since toddlerhood) to prove he has arm pit hair. Lord, help us through these teenage years.