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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Flat on his back - & T shirts for sale

My po'r whittle Commander is flat on his back.  There, that should do it. Once he sees that comment he'll be up in arms.

The guy pulled, yanked, or slipped his back Tuesday night right before he was scheduled to take over kid duty with boy scouts and soccer.  He was hurting so bad his eyes were bugged out. He scared me. He did this 12 years ago right after T12 was born. I remember us placing the baby in the crook of Commander's arm while he lie on the floor. He couldn't hold the baby for a few days.

He had been down since Tuesday. This morning we did the early morning call to get a same day appointment with his therapist on post. Monday? They want to give him an appointment on Monday?. Now if that doesn't sound like our government stepping in and taking over the health system of our soldiers, I don't know what does.
I think it is chiropractor time. We have a good one in town that we've seen for 10 + years. It's time for him to work a little adjustment.
So if you don't mind, keep praying for the Commander. We could sure use him back on his feet. I don't want him getting to comfortable with me waiting hand and foot on him.

The track team is selling this t-shirt to raise money. If you feel like having a navy long sleeve shirt and want to support the team. Let me know. We have s-xl for  $20.00 I'll throw in shipping. The proceeds will help us purchase uniforms, travel bags, and pay for travel expenses this first year.
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Oklahoma Granny said...

Bless his heart. I hope the chiropractor can help the Commander. Praying for you all.