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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week before Christmas

Life is always hecktick around this time of year. It's a good hecktick, trying to bake extra, get Christmas cards out, finish schooling for the semester. This week included water in the basement AGAIN. This time through a crack in the foundation wall. UGH.  We will turn this mess into a good thing though. Since the foundation will have to be dug out with a backhoe to find the length of the crack, Commander liked the idea of putting in an egress, and turning this corner of the room into another bedroom. He is trying really hard to get a room for his own - computer, man cave.

Wednesday was interesting with trying to make angel food cakes for us and cookies for the church non-Christmas Eve Christmas Eve service. The first cake came out great with no sugar. Didn't plan it that way. The second cake, well, it ended up in the garbage disposal. I forgot the flour, tried to pull the fluffy egg whites back out of the oven, they wouldn't whip up again once the flour was added. They had fluffed up so pretty, too.  Commander came home and put the rush on getting to church early. So the cookies, they were still cooling on the table as we rushed out the door. Didn't think about them until the third song was being played.

The mail lady arrived a while ago. The Christmas cards were still sitting on the kitchen table. So I'll just shout it from the roof top
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Oklahoma Granny said...

Your life certainly is non-stop and not for the faint of heart! I'm curious about the non-Christmas Eve Christmas Eve service.

If you do find a spare minute today please drop by my blog and vote for your favorite gingerbread house. Have the boys and Commander vote too. Our 2 oldest grandsons and their girly-friends came by to decorate the houses. I just enjoyed the fun and took photos of the process.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!