Commander and I enjoy Homeschooling boys (Herogian, Hawk and Gluten), raising chickens, ducks, and dogs ( Penny and Casey), eating gluten free, surviving breast cancer, coach track and field, and loving God for every minute that He gives us to cherish our family.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

need a third parent

Okay, these schedules are getting a bit ridiculous. Hubby last night decided we need a third parent in our family. With boy scouts camping on the 13-14th of next month, track decathalon on the 12-13th, track cleaning project on the 14th, soccer tournament on 13-15th, the cc course needing mowed every weekend. We are stretched a bit thin, to the point it is ridiculous.  Will have to wait and see which way the chips fall.

Last night I had this awesome dream about high jumping again. I kept clearing the bar, they raise it up two inches, and I'd wait for some people to get out of the way then jump again. Each time they raised the bar, 5, 5-2, 5-4, the number of people I had to wait on, to move out of the way, kept increasing. By the time the bar was at 5-8, it was like a cross country meet in front of me. Weird how thoughts get tangled. I never had a chance to jump at that last height. But, boy, did that ever give me the bug to want to try jumping again.

At the end of practice I asked Karoline if I could borrow her spikes and the 'J -heel' she wears. I took a couple of jumps at probably 4-11 - to maybe 5- 1.  It felt great up to the point of take off, and then gravity grabbed hold of the backside and set my butt right down on the bungee bar. Never felt so stuck to the ground in my life. It was fun though. Probably ruined my reputation as a high jump coach! Thanks Karoline for letting me try.

recruiting Friday, track meet Saturday. Doing a lot of driving. Travel mercy prayers please. Praying for no panic type attacks.  I keep telling myself "I love to drive".

Have a great weekend.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Track meet traveling went okay

The traveling to the meet and back went okay today. Only had one small episode of panic attack if that's what it might be. Will be looking into it more.  I'm so thankful Commander went with me. We had a lot of fun being at the meet together. He tried to just sit in the shade all day while I went back and forth from field events, but his face says it all - he's red.

J.J. threw the javelin once, then had to rush back down the road to the track to do the High Hurdles and warm up for the Pole Vault (which he hasn't done at all this year).   I made it to the Pole Vault in time to see him clear 12'6" which is good for his first time. He is a Decathlete so he doesn't specialize in one event, he has to learn them all. His javelin throw was 1 meter short of making finals. That was a bummer, if he could have thrown his three throws, there was a definite chance that he would have placed.

S.M. our long jumper went a foot farther today jumping off his non-dominant foot then he jumped indoor. Being trained as a triple jumper allowed him to make the jump when he saw that his steps were off.

K.B. our female high jumper and 800 runner gained points in each event. I think she lowered her time in the 800 with her teammate "NINJA".

We had a good showing on the track in the distant events, points in the 10,000 and 5000 meter runs. One of  our sprinters ran his first ever open 200 meters (open means it wasn't part of a relay).

Can't wait to train this week and get to another meet next weekend.

Have a great weekend.
Remember: the pain of training is less than the pain of being out of shape.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Consistent ly weird

Okay, I was going to say how sweet my husband is while I seem to get weirder every year. He just told me I'm not, I've always been weird. I'm consistent, he says. Thanks, Sweetheart.

Tomorrow, we have a track meet about 1 hour away from home. The head coach informed me yesterday that I'm driving the van with as many as it will hold, and then he will come down later with three long distant runners, so they don't have to wait around all morning. Real reason, he can send them home in the van,  make a mad dash from the meet straight to his house, and cut an hour out of his trip home by not having to come back to campus.

I'm okay with having to drive, as I sit here typing this. I was okay with driving the boys to Power Play and then to Mission Lake Camp last weekend - before we went. For some reason during the driving, I experienced either panic type attacks or blood sugar spikes. I have no idea what was going on. I pulled off at one point to use the glucometer and was shaking so bad I couldn't get the pricking needle in place. I drank some coke while trying to calm down and eventually got back on the road in a calmer state. I've never had it repeat, but it did on the way to camp. Too many times to be comfortable. Felt like I was going to hyperventilate when passing a slow car. Then watching the train pass in front of us made me nauseous.

SO - The whole point of this is that Commander is giving up his Saturday to accompany me to the track meet and be beside me in the van, in case I flip out again. I think he is wonderful to do this. I would tell myself to suck it up and get your panties out of a wad.

If you wouldn't mind a travel mercy prayer, I'd appreciate it. I'll be doing more driving this spring than I care to do.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We will rejoice with their return

Through this ordeal of the dogs missing and not knowing if they would return, I was reminded of God's love for us as sinners. I think I received a small smidgen of a taste of how HE feels when we go astray. We are crushed at the loss of a pet. How much more is God crushed by our rejection or loss when He created us?

A friend asked HAWK to come out this afternoon. As they walked across the yard, HAWK saw a dog in the farm pasture across from our neighborhood. He shouted and CASEY looked up. The boys sprinted to the fence, where they also saw Penny and called her over. They were able to separate the fencing enough to get the dogs through the barbed wire. THey walked the dogs home. Commander and I were at a TAX filing meeting and received the call that the dogs were home. What a relief. What a joyous feeling. I wanted to dance where I sat.

The boys bathed the dogs, fed them and then let them sleep on which ever bed they wanted.

What joy it must bring God to have us return to HIM. Heavenly host do sing and dance when we come home to GOD.

I thank you for your prayers. I'm still dancing and Praising God for His sweet blessing He pours upon us.

Our God is AWESOME!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They are missing !

Penny and Casey.

We have the darndest fence. We've had to keep the thing tied shut for years. Which is such a pain. Then at times it will work and you can't budge it. This past month it went back to being tied because Penny could pull it open enough for Casey to squeeze and then the pressure would pop it open for Penny. We have ran the dogs down about 5 times. Not counting the times after Casey learned to climb the woodpile and jump over. Penny almost learned that one too. We moved the woodpiles.
Monday during the storm, they vanished. Last report from the librarian in town, was that she heard somesay there were two dogs running loose along the road. "The road" would be Highway 7.  That was all she heard. No telling which direction or on what side of the road.

It is in the Lord's hands to bring them back or not. We have exhausted ourselves in walking neighborhoods until midnight. It hasn't stopped raining, so their sent trail for home is probably gone, and we have coyotes in the area - lots of them.
Please pray for our puppies that are out there. Please pray for the family - we miss them. The boys are devistated.

Thanks Chris C. for  making us some posters to put around town. We have the mailmen/women in the area searching, the police are looking, animal shelters are alerted. Your prayers are coveted.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

productive day

A great start to the Spring Break week. Commander helped me mow the cross-country course at campus today. He rode the mower and I led the way around the course picking up limbs and broken branches. Thank you, honey, for helping me.

I then had the chance to tackle the bunk bed in HAWK's room. I've been wanting to take the top bunk off for sometime now. It took a while to get Hawk to go along with the idea. The wood from the bunk just needed to be cut down into a single with room underneath the mattress for two rolling storage units.  I'd do pictures, but for some reason after the last computer crash, the computer doesn't want to read the camera when plugged in.

With taking the bunk out, it freed up two twin mattresses. Commander and I need a new king size, since the hand-me-down has started coming apart at the seams. I squeezed the two mattresses into the platform frame, filled the  extra length with folded quilts and put the memory foam mattress over the top. It feels great!. Now we just have to get the old mattress to the trash. Anyone have any recycling ideas for a mattress?

Tomorrow, our youth director and I will be taking about 8 kids to PowerPlay for the afternoon. Afterwards we will drive them up to church camp (1 1/2 hours away) for the night. THey will then be ready to help clean the building. After committing to the trip, I remembered that the college kids are back in school - they had spring break last week, thus, we have practice. Then after Thursday's meet, we also have a "Consequence" meeting with one of the athletes. I'll be ready to hit the bed Monday night.

Still praying for Commander's job to extend for another year. They didn't look at his packet this past week, so we are still waiting to hear. Drop dead date is 26th.  I really enjoy having him at home. He is a big help with the boys and their activities. He likes doing his TKD class and helping out at church more. I'm not looking forward to him traveling again.  Your prayers are coveted.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Praising God with the Stars and Whales

This is awesome. It gives you chills. I hope you will take the time to listen to it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Feet, feet, feet and a busy summer

I need some new feet.
 I didn't know this a few years ago - but everytime I worked out in the back yard and my toes started tingling then burning and going numb, I was irritating a nerve and making it swell. 
Now, I need surgery to cut those nerves out.
We tried wider shoes with more padding, we tried advil and icing too, then we went for cortisone injections and came away feeling like I was in a chemo nightmare. Steroid side effects were worse than the chemo - but I can't remember the chemo, so I can say that. Anyhow, we moved on to alcohol injects to kill the nerve and the nerve fought back. The first allergic reaction was just a red spot on top of the foot above the injection site and a lot of pain, 2nd round was all the way back to the ankle and swelling and a lot of pain. You know how a baby's foot looks fat? That's how mine looked. I had to see a different podiatrist when they swelled up. She took a picture with her cell phone to send it to the other doctor at the other office. She'd never seen this reaction before. I spent the weekend on the couch with my feet up. A forced relaxed weekend. I liked it!

He told me yesterday that I couldn't have anymore injections (like I really wanted one) because my "throat would swell up and I could die". He was even mock grabbing his throat. Just like a boy. 

So, I'll wait until track season is over and then try the surgery on the worst foot. I also found out last night that Commander needs to have a big toe operated on so it can move. Three surgeries this summer? Don't know if our schedules can take it.

Has your summer already filled up?

Hawk - gone first two weeks.
Gluten gone first three weeks
Herogian gone 2nd, 3rd, 10 and 11th
4th week is VBS and week 9 might have the two boy scouts out again.
weeks 10 and 11 might have the Commander traveling - to Hawaii  - of all places.
Hawk might even do more, but we don't have it scheduled.  He will be helping our youth pastor care for his two sons while they are all at church camp. Yeah. Hawk getting out of the house willingly. As Commander says, he'll never have children after babysitting with two lively boys for two weeks. Just getting him to church camp is good.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A lot of itchin' going around here this week.   The most irritating one has been the feet. I had the second round of alcohol injections into my feet to sclerosis the nerve (Morton's Neuroma).  I broke out later that evening with red swollen areas above the injection site. By Friday afternoon, they were swollen all the way back to the ankles. I went to show the podiatrist and had to see his partner. She was so shocked, she took pictures with her phone to send to him at the surgery center.   AFter lying around for the rest of the weekend with feet propped up and taking benadryl, I'm doing better, just in time for the 3rd round of shots due Thursday. We will see if we can even go through with them.
This really brought on memories from chemotherapy. Getting sick from a shot that is supposed to help, fighting the side effects and by the time you start to feel better it's time for another round. UGH.

Praying that these 2 rounds of injections will be enough to deaded the nerve so I can at least get back to some normal routine around the track and backyard work.

THe other itchin around here is school for next year. It is already March and even though I know what courses the boys will be taking (mostly) I'm itchin to sit down and lay out the whole year. I do this on excel spread sheets. Then next year I just have to look at the sheet to see what is next. If we have any breaks in the schedule, the spread sheet shows me where we are lessonwise. I do put weeks down with it just so I know if we are starting to get behind too much, but I don't hold myself to being on that weeks work anymore. It's not written in stone - I have to keep telling myself that. Just check off the lesson when it is done and keep moving.

Most of my friends here are in Tornado alley.  Please stay safe this spring and keep your heads down. THanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Having a great time with friends

I met Terri in seventh grade. I think at lunch time, where we started sitting together with mutual friends. Our friendship blossomed over the years and stayed strong because prayer was a big part of our friendship. We both could ask the other to 'pray for me'.  During a rough part of life, when I moved to California, I felt that Terri's prayers were the life ring thrown out to me (along with family prayers). They were praying for me to improve my decision making process.

Terri married a wonderful God loving man and started having boys. I finally met my Godly man, and started having boys. Terri started homeschooling her four, and it wasn't long after that I felt the pull to leave the classroom and do the same.  Her oldest is 22 and youngest 15, my oldest is 15 and youngest 12. These guys get a long so well, it is amazing.

Terri and Scott came to Kansas City this weekend with two of their boys. One of them is competing with his Robotics team. THey are staying here at the house with us. The new room downstairs has made it possible for them to have a room to stay in, with the boys setting out camping cots and sleeping anywhere. The guys are loving it.

Yesterday morning I had an early doctors appointment. Terri got up and went with me. We then spent the day together "girl talking" - husbands would say we never shut up. It was a blessed day to have time with such a friend. We went out to eat, she drove me to a coaches meeting, took slushies back to the boys, brought "Gluten" to soccer practice then picked me up after track practice.  As a poster says, "Good friends pick up their relationship after long absences as if there was no time apart."

I had a great day.
The boys even had a great day. AFter moving the woodpile from the fence ( this is the dog's way out of the yard) they spent the day playing airsoft, xbox and enjoying slushies and blizzards in payment for the manual labor they completed. Casey Houdini won't be able to leave the yard now. I hope.

Thank you, Lord, for such wonderful friends that will be with us through eternity.