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Friday, March 9, 2012

Feet, feet, feet and a busy summer

I need some new feet.
 I didn't know this a few years ago - but everytime I worked out in the back yard and my toes started tingling then burning and going numb, I was irritating a nerve and making it swell. 
Now, I need surgery to cut those nerves out.
We tried wider shoes with more padding, we tried advil and icing too, then we went for cortisone injections and came away feeling like I was in a chemo nightmare. Steroid side effects were worse than the chemo - but I can't remember the chemo, so I can say that. Anyhow, we moved on to alcohol injects to kill the nerve and the nerve fought back. The first allergic reaction was just a red spot on top of the foot above the injection site and a lot of pain, 2nd round was all the way back to the ankle and swelling and a lot of pain. You know how a baby's foot looks fat? That's how mine looked. I had to see a different podiatrist when they swelled up. She took a picture with her cell phone to send it to the other doctor at the other office. She'd never seen this reaction before. I spent the weekend on the couch with my feet up. A forced relaxed weekend. I liked it!

He told me yesterday that I couldn't have anymore injections (like I really wanted one) because my "throat would swell up and I could die". He was even mock grabbing his throat. Just like a boy. 

So, I'll wait until track season is over and then try the surgery on the worst foot. I also found out last night that Commander needs to have a big toe operated on so it can move. Three surgeries this summer? Don't know if our schedules can take it.

Has your summer already filled up?

Hawk - gone first two weeks.
Gluten gone first three weeks
Herogian gone 2nd, 3rd, 10 and 11th
4th week is VBS and week 9 might have the two boy scouts out again.
weeks 10 and 11 might have the Commander traveling - to Hawaii  - of all places.
Hawk might even do more, but we don't have it scheduled.  He will be helping our youth pastor care for his two sons while they are all at church camp. Yeah. Hawk getting out of the house willingly. As Commander says, he'll never have children after babysitting with two lively boys for two weeks. Just getting him to church camp is good.

Have a great weekend.


Michelle said...

The kids and I are leaving in July to hit the road. We're heading back to WA so Trey can do summer camp with his old boy scout troop. We're going to visit friends in souther WA and OR along the way. Then I think we're heading to MT, WY, and CO.

Julie said...

Jane, I'm so sorry about the problems you're having with your feet and pray that the surgeries remedy the problem. When we don't feel good, it's so difficult to do all we as mothers have to do with a positive attitude. Looks like you're rising above, though.
I pray all goes well,
Blessings, Julie