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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A lot of itchin' going around here this week.   The most irritating one has been the feet. I had the second round of alcohol injections into my feet to sclerosis the nerve (Morton's Neuroma).  I broke out later that evening with red swollen areas above the injection site. By Friday afternoon, they were swollen all the way back to the ankles. I went to show the podiatrist and had to see his partner. She was so shocked, she took pictures with her phone to send to him at the surgery center.   AFter lying around for the rest of the weekend with feet propped up and taking benadryl, I'm doing better, just in time for the 3rd round of shots due Thursday. We will see if we can even go through with them.
This really brought on memories from chemotherapy. Getting sick from a shot that is supposed to help, fighting the side effects and by the time you start to feel better it's time for another round. UGH.

Praying that these 2 rounds of injections will be enough to deaded the nerve so I can at least get back to some normal routine around the track and backyard work.

THe other itchin around here is school for next year. It is already March and even though I know what courses the boys will be taking (mostly) I'm itchin to sit down and lay out the whole year. I do this on excel spread sheets. Then next year I just have to look at the sheet to see what is next. If we have any breaks in the schedule, the spread sheet shows me where we are lessonwise. I do put weeks down with it just so I know if we are starting to get behind too much, but I don't hold myself to being on that weeks work anymore. It's not written in stone - I have to keep telling myself that. Just check off the lesson when it is done and keep moving.

Most of my friends here are in Tornado alley.  Please stay safe this spring and keep your heads down. THanks for stopping by.

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Michelle said...

Praying for all of you out that way. These tornadoes are crazy.

Hope you do well with the next set of shots. Wish I were closer to help you out!

I'm planning the next part of the year too. We're keeping busy and I love it but I lose focus at night when I should be planning. I usualy want to sit and read or watch tv cause I'm so tired!!