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Saturday, March 17, 2012

productive day

A great start to the Spring Break week. Commander helped me mow the cross-country course at campus today. He rode the mower and I led the way around the course picking up limbs and broken branches. Thank you, honey, for helping me.

I then had the chance to tackle the bunk bed in HAWK's room. I've been wanting to take the top bunk off for sometime now. It took a while to get Hawk to go along with the idea. The wood from the bunk just needed to be cut down into a single with room underneath the mattress for two rolling storage units.  I'd do pictures, but for some reason after the last computer crash, the computer doesn't want to read the camera when plugged in.

With taking the bunk out, it freed up two twin mattresses. Commander and I need a new king size, since the hand-me-down has started coming apart at the seams. I squeezed the two mattresses into the platform frame, filled the  extra length with folded quilts and put the memory foam mattress over the top. It feels great!. Now we just have to get the old mattress to the trash. Anyone have any recycling ideas for a mattress?

Tomorrow, our youth director and I will be taking about 8 kids to PowerPlay for the afternoon. Afterwards we will drive them up to church camp (1 1/2 hours away) for the night. THey will then be ready to help clean the building. After committing to the trip, I remembered that the college kids are back in school - they had spring break last week, thus, we have practice. Then after Thursday's meet, we also have a "Consequence" meeting with one of the athletes. I'll be ready to hit the bed Monday night.

Still praying for Commander's job to extend for another year. They didn't look at his packet this past week, so we are still waiting to hear. Drop dead date is 26th.  I really enjoy having him at home. He is a big help with the boys and their activities. He likes doing his TKD class and helping out at church more. I'm not looking forward to him traveling again.  Your prayers are coveted.

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