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Friday, March 23, 2012

Consistent ly weird

Okay, I was going to say how sweet my husband is while I seem to get weirder every year. He just told me I'm not, I've always been weird. I'm consistent, he says. Thanks, Sweetheart.

Tomorrow, we have a track meet about 1 hour away from home. The head coach informed me yesterday that I'm driving the van with as many as it will hold, and then he will come down later with three long distant runners, so they don't have to wait around all morning. Real reason, he can send them home in the van,  make a mad dash from the meet straight to his house, and cut an hour out of his trip home by not having to come back to campus.

I'm okay with having to drive, as I sit here typing this. I was okay with driving the boys to Power Play and then to Mission Lake Camp last weekend - before we went. For some reason during the driving, I experienced either panic type attacks or blood sugar spikes. I have no idea what was going on. I pulled off at one point to use the glucometer and was shaking so bad I couldn't get the pricking needle in place. I drank some coke while trying to calm down and eventually got back on the road in a calmer state. I've never had it repeat, but it did on the way to camp. Too many times to be comfortable. Felt like I was going to hyperventilate when passing a slow car. Then watching the train pass in front of us made me nauseous.

SO - The whole point of this is that Commander is giving up his Saturday to accompany me to the track meet and be beside me in the van, in case I flip out again. I think he is wonderful to do this. I would tell myself to suck it up and get your panties out of a wad.

If you wouldn't mind a travel mercy prayer, I'd appreciate it. I'll be doing more driving this spring than I care to do.

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Michelle said...

oh wow!! That's something to be checked out. Did you tell your doctor?

Be safe tomorrow and have a great meet!!