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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They are missing !

Penny and Casey.

We have the darndest fence. We've had to keep the thing tied shut for years. Which is such a pain. Then at times it will work and you can't budge it. This past month it went back to being tied because Penny could pull it open enough for Casey to squeeze and then the pressure would pop it open for Penny. We have ran the dogs down about 5 times. Not counting the times after Casey learned to climb the woodpile and jump over. Penny almost learned that one too. We moved the woodpiles.
Monday during the storm, they vanished. Last report from the librarian in town, was that she heard somesay there were two dogs running loose along the road. "The road" would be Highway 7.  That was all she heard. No telling which direction or on what side of the road.

It is in the Lord's hands to bring them back or not. We have exhausted ourselves in walking neighborhoods until midnight. It hasn't stopped raining, so their sent trail for home is probably gone, and we have coyotes in the area - lots of them.
Please pray for our puppies that are out there. Please pray for the family - we miss them. The boys are devistated.

Thanks Chris C. for  making us some posters to put around town. We have the mailmen/women in the area searching, the police are looking, animal shelters are alerted. Your prayers are coveted.

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