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Friday, March 2, 2012

Having a great time with friends

I met Terri in seventh grade. I think at lunch time, where we started sitting together with mutual friends. Our friendship blossomed over the years and stayed strong because prayer was a big part of our friendship. We both could ask the other to 'pray for me'.  During a rough part of life, when I moved to California, I felt that Terri's prayers were the life ring thrown out to me (along with family prayers). They were praying for me to improve my decision making process.

Terri married a wonderful God loving man and started having boys. I finally met my Godly man, and started having boys. Terri started homeschooling her four, and it wasn't long after that I felt the pull to leave the classroom and do the same.  Her oldest is 22 and youngest 15, my oldest is 15 and youngest 12. These guys get a long so well, it is amazing.

Terri and Scott came to Kansas City this weekend with two of their boys. One of them is competing with his Robotics team. THey are staying here at the house with us. The new room downstairs has made it possible for them to have a room to stay in, with the boys setting out camping cots and sleeping anywhere. The guys are loving it.

Yesterday morning I had an early doctors appointment. Terri got up and went with me. We then spent the day together "girl talking" - husbands would say we never shut up. It was a blessed day to have time with such a friend. We went out to eat, she drove me to a coaches meeting, took slushies back to the boys, brought "Gluten" to soccer practice then picked me up after track practice.  As a poster says, "Good friends pick up their relationship after long absences as if there was no time apart."

I had a great day.
The boys even had a great day. AFter moving the woodpile from the fence ( this is the dog's way out of the yard) they spent the day playing airsoft, xbox and enjoying slushies and blizzards in payment for the manual labor they completed. Casey Houdini won't be able to leave the yard now. I hope.

Thank you, Lord, for such wonderful friends that will be with us through eternity.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Friends like yours are true blessings.

Julie said...

I'm so glad you two could get together. She was so personable and sweet when you guys visited here, just like you ;-).
Blessings, Julie