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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nice weather about killed me.

Yesterday was beautiful here in Northeastern Kansas. I started snapping branches from the mega kindling pile in the back garden. After a 3 foot high by four foot wall was snapped and stacked, I started on cutting the thicker branches with the circular saw.  This all began because Hubby mentioned a job opening in Kuwait. I needed the time to get my mind wrapped around the idea and become mentally prepared for anything in the near future.  Just like a Boy Scout - you must be prepared. Manual labor helps the process.
 Also, the fact that CASEY the schnauzer/terrier mix has decided that the dwindling woodpile was a great springboard over the fence to freedom. He must have cleared it 5 times yesterday before we finally caught him in the act and figured out where he was getting out. Next job was to move the firewood. THe stack has to be either so high that he can't get on top, or so low that it doesn't help him. Making sure the sides of the piles were steep without toe holds was another chore.

I was ready for bed at 7 last night.

The morton's neuroma seems to be getting better - I was able to work out in the yard, so I'd say it was better. I go in later this week for another shot in each foot of 4% alcohol.  The I'm tough, I can handle any shot you give me, disappeared the following day after the first round of shots into the balls of the feet. My right foot protested all weekend (during a trip to Oklahoma to recruit and athlete and attend a funeral) I was a hobbling mess. The left foot was fine except for the rash on top of the foot over the injection site - I'm wondering if the alcohol has a wheat gluten base.  I get another round of shots THursday and also next week. I'm hoping to be done with foot pain for at least 50 years. Yeah right. We'll see.

Track practice is going well. We will be done with 6:30 a.m. workouts this week. The kids are excited, I'm excited. Hawk has been going with me almost every morning and working out with the javelin throwers. We built him a javelin out of copper tubing with aluminum piping inside. It flys nicely.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great week.

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