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Monday, February 13, 2012

Conference Meet KCAC

Last Saturday we left campus at 5:45 A.M. on the dot. Yes, that means one of the athletes going as a helper was running across the parking lot to catch up with us. I like it when a tight schedule is kept concerning leaving time.  You wait for one straggler once, then you will be waiting for ten the next time.
The meet was in Wichita, a three hour drive. I was hoping to drive in the morning so I wouldn't have to drive after the long day. Coach pushed me out of the seat. Aw, man. 

The meet started with field events at 10. I had a women's high jumper and a men's decathalon jumper competing. Kay B.- has jumped 4'9", today she sailed over 5'1 1/2".  HOOT! HOOT!  5 foot is a real mental block for jumpers. It was the men's turn. The starting height was going to be 1/4 of an inch higher than Jer. J. has ever jumped. He seemed tight, no confidence showing in his stature. We had a little talk after his first 2 attempts. THe last talk consisted of "Relax and have fun". He soared. Just the happiness, surprise, and wonderment on his face was a rush.

Kay B. later broke her time in the 800m. and Jer. J. broke his personal best in the 400m. They had a great day.
Overall, we took 9 athletes to compete. 7 Personal Records were broke, and I can count 6 medals that were collected by our teammates (maybe one more in there). Great day for a program that just started.

We now have snow. THank you, Lord, for holding the snow until we were back from the meet.
Oh, I also saw John at church yesterday morning. It was amazing how good he looked, and was walking with no assistance. He still has a couple of surgeries ahead of him. But to look at him you wouldn't know he had kissed an I-beam with his face. Miracles and answered prayers. We truely have an awesome God.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Glad everything went well over the weekend. God's love for us it truly amazing!