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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Track meet traveling went okay

The traveling to the meet and back went okay today. Only had one small episode of panic attack if that's what it might be. Will be looking into it more.  I'm so thankful Commander went with me. We had a lot of fun being at the meet together. He tried to just sit in the shade all day while I went back and forth from field events, but his face says it all - he's red.

J.J. threw the javelin once, then had to rush back down the road to the track to do the High Hurdles and warm up for the Pole Vault (which he hasn't done at all this year).   I made it to the Pole Vault in time to see him clear 12'6" which is good for his first time. He is a Decathlete so he doesn't specialize in one event, he has to learn them all. His javelin throw was 1 meter short of making finals. That was a bummer, if he could have thrown his three throws, there was a definite chance that he would have placed.

S.M. our long jumper went a foot farther today jumping off his non-dominant foot then he jumped indoor. Being trained as a triple jumper allowed him to make the jump when he saw that his steps were off.

K.B. our female high jumper and 800 runner gained points in each event. I think she lowered her time in the 800 with her teammate "NINJA".

We had a good showing on the track in the distant events, points in the 10,000 and 5000 meter runs. One of  our sprinters ran his first ever open 200 meters (open means it wasn't part of a relay).

Can't wait to train this week and get to another meet next weekend.

Have a great weekend.
Remember: the pain of training is less than the pain of being out of shape.

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