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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life lessons are hard

T12 had a hard day which kind of spilled over.  He went camping with the Boy Scout crew last night. It started raining and rained all night and most of today. Commander had to pick him up in time for a soccer game at 6:00 tonight. He had left all his soccer gear in the van Thursday night, thinking this was a good idea. Wrong. This is not where his gear is supposed to be kept. He hurried into the house grabbed his shirt and shorts and ran to the van thinking he was doing good. Four miles down the road we pulled over to search the van for a missing soccer sock. To end the turmoil of the moment, we decided to stop at W**mart and buy him a pair of socks - which he needs anyway. This was almost a mistake. There were three lanes open at each end of the store and 4 to 5 people in each line. I think the maniac look in my eyes as I stared at the closed express lanes informed the woman in front of me that I really needed to cut in line. She was a real sweetie, and understood when I explained that we were trying to get to the game with this detour. Ugh.
At the fieldhouse, we end up waiting (thank goodness) because games are running late. T12 joins his team before the game and takes off his sweats. That's when we realize he is wearing his white shirt and one white sock. His full soccer team is green and white, but when they split the team for Futsal, his team is considered the white team, but they are suppose to carry both shirts with them to all games. T12 didn't have his green top with him since he changed so fast at home and didn't bring his soccer bag. So, of course with the way things were going today, he would need his green shirt. The coach found a LARGE shirt for him to wear. Now, this worked out okay because the coach decided to put T12 into goalie and the other goalie needed a green jersey to play on the field. Are you getting all this?
We survived the game. 14-0 loss. It was pathetic.  T12 joined us in the snack area to leave, he was carrying a green sock. The coach had found it at practice. The missing sock from the van.
Let's pray for him tomorrow. He has to help the Boy Scouts unpack at the church and then go to another game with Commander. If he forgets anything - he might be walking home.

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Michelle said...

oh boy!! Sounds like my life sometimes!!

Hope your enjoying your Christmas season!! Have a wonderful week!