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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still hanging around

The picture from yesterday's post can be today's post. The grid is giving me fits. Besides being overhead and giving me cramps in my shoulders, the thing just doesn't want to snap together. I did get the light moved to the next grid over, but it is still hanging above, not ready to sit in its spot yet.
I was able to drywall the ceiling in the closet, mud some more edges, then hit the point of tears with the ceiling. That's when Commander walked in and said,"TAMPICO for dinner."
For about two minutes I wanted to continue fighting with the ceiling. That "A personality" just didn't want to quit.
We enjoyed a nice Mexican dinner.

Today - I'm procrastinating. I'll probably do the second coat of primer paint, but I'm not even going to look up. OKGRANNY - your husband massages like mine. Thirteen seconds and he's done. His fingers just can't keep from tickling.
I hope to show finished pictures  to you before the weekend in over.

OKGRANNY has a video with goats and Jingle Bells. You can find her on the side of the page. It was hilarious. Herogian is now begging for a goat. And because of Arby's post at BoardinginBedlam, he wants the lost pig.  "Oh bother," said Pooh.

Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Love the goat video. I'll have to show that to the granddaughters while they are here. I've never had goats, but my dad always had sheep and the lambs played like that.


Oklahoma Granny said...

My daughter (age 37) has wanted a fainting goat for several years. I advised against it. Too many coyotes around. They did have pigs one time though. I think they're names were Ham, Bacon and Sausage. After they got big enough and went to the butcher, Daughter couldn't eat any of the meat. They've not done that again.

Arby said...

Have a very merry, blessed Christmas!

Brownie said...

Merry Christmas!