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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What day is this?

Today and tomorrow have been today and tomorrow, today. I was scheduled to work (I thought). The shift hours were really different 4-9:30. I usually work 7-11 on Thursdays. I thought maybe I had goofed on the available work hours I turn in for each week, with this being Christmas Break. Off I go to work today. Three people immediately ask me, "Whose hours are you working?"

"Mine. Why?"
At Customer Service I found out why, I wasn't on schedule for today. I'm scheduled for tomorrow. Since we will be closing early for the holiday, I have different hours to get my 'time' in. I clocked in for three minutes today. Yes, the team manager, the customer service clerks, and the sackers that were surprised to see me, were all getting a good laugh when I had to turn around and go back to clock out.

I walk out to the van, call home, look up and realize the Commander's truck is in the next row of cars ( the Arizona Wildcat magnet really stands out - goddy). He's shopping and expecting to  say 'hi' to me as I start my shift. Back into the store I go to find him. I then run into the boss, which reminds me to tell her my time card needs to be fixed for the three minutes. Yes, she enjoyed that bit of humor. NOT.  Commander says I'm just showing them my Ditzy side. Thanks. As if they didn't know that already.

About fifteen minutes ago, I texted my sister and Oklahoma friend to wish them a 'Happy New Year, early'. I'm thinking here that they won't mind a three hour head start on the wishes. That's when the Commander says something about the last day of the year  - tomorrow. So - - --oooo they got a twenty-seven hour early wish for the New Year. Goodness. What day is this?
I sure hope I make it to work tomorrow.

So to all my blogging friends. HAPPY NEW YEAR, EARLY!!!!


Julie... said...

Okay, if you're ditzy, than I must be positively daft!
I hope your New Years Eve shift tomorrow is without incident and even pleasant :-)!
Happy New Year, Twisted Sister!

Shannon said...

You make me giggle :)

Oklahoma Granny said...

I only managed to read your blog now - on Dec 31 - so your Happy New Year greeting is right on time for me. This week has been a little confusing to me as far as what day it is too. Maybe next week I'll get back on track. Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your family. I pray you are blessed many times over in 2011.

Michelle said...

Funny-and easily could have happened to me!! Hope you have a wonderful new Year!