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Monday, January 3, 2011

Nothing and everything

The new year brings with it the excitement of planning school curriculum. Huh?  Yes, I get excited about thinking ahead. I'm deciphering high school transcripts lately to make sure I start off on the left foot and don't trip over my right foot. I'm a lefty by the way - in my right mind as they say. Total confusion here. So I'm clearing the bookshelves. I'll be boxing up those books that offer no help to our future and moving them aside. I think this all stems from not wanting to move them all back into the schoolroom, mancave, gameroom,  activity room. We are still waiting for the call about carpet. The walls are painted, the shelves are in the closet, the ceiling is done with the vent hole for that room sealed. The only casualty from the process is a stye in the eye. The drill jumped off a screw and hit drywall, the dust flew into my eyes. I thought I was only in need of one screw, so why bother finding the goggles. Pay for stupid move and move back three spaces.

On another note, the Commander and I were talking about my fitness program. What fitness program? He loves working out at the gym on post and would like me to join him. "Loneliness becomes overwhelming for me when I am in a crowd." I told him, NO. Not going there. He asked if I liked Anytime Fitness where I worked out while he was in Iraq. Yeah, come to think of it, I did. The next day a postcard came in the mail offering a 2 year commitment for a lower price than one year. Dude - jump on it. I signed up for it today, Commander paid for it up front and they gave us two more months on the contract and a resigning afterwards at the same low price. Can you say $20 a month for a gym pass? That's pennies a day for even February. Of all things, I didn't work out there today. We just stopped by to sign up on our way to 20th Street. We parked down the hill at the Middle school, walked for 2 1/2 hours through the hills that will be ran in May during a 1/2 marathon. The Commander is training for it, I'm not so sure about running the whole thing, but I might walk/jog it. My training age is infantile right now.
I'm excited though to be back in a training routine to tone up the old limbs. If you'd like to take this wonderful offer at Anytime Fitness, just tell them I sent you so my name can go in a drawing for an IPAD. K?

Last night at work one of the ladies that recently read my self published book, said she wanted to read more. That was one of the best things said to me about my writing in a long time. It was nice. I realized the story I am working on is so different from the one printed that there's only a thread of connection anymore. I'm looking forward to putting the story back on the front burner at least once a week. I can't say everyday, or I'd stress myself out the first day I missed writing.

Tomorrow starts school. Don't tell the boys, I'm so excited. Two of the boys can be done with two more of their subjects by March. That means I can add in electives before the school year is out. Can you hear them moaning? It must be hard having a hyperactive type A mother. HAW HAW HAWWW.(evil laugh)


Julie... said...

I'm a bit envious of the gym membership.
It wouldn't work for me anyway as where we live may as well be outer space. But really I'm glad for you. One thing it will definitely accomplish is even more energy to tackle those projects it seems you're always involved in :-).
We started back to school today but I've a feelin that we're not anywhere near as far along as you guys are.
Adios and enjoy your workouts :-)!

Tina G said...

We homeschooled for 12 years and I loved it! I always looked forward to new catalogs coming out or attending book fairs so I can order new books!
Congrats on the gym membership. My family has one and we are all getting back in to shape again! We feel better than we have in years!

Michelle said...

You're only an evil mother if you fly around on your broom-like I do!! hahahaha

I love new curriculum too!! Its sooo much fun!

Shannon said...

I'm planning on the Oklahoma City 1/2 on May 1 with Ashley Boczek. She had plans with the Redway girls and I hijacked their plans by asking to tag along. It should be a fun weekend. Thank you for the sweet words on my blog. I really appreciate it.

CrossView said...

I get that excitement, too. And we're even office supply geeks here.

I miss working out at a gym. I always paid up front for a discount and used to get a military discount on top of that. Alas, we're too far out in the woods now. Good for you for getting a deal and workouts! :O)