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Monday, January 17, 2011

Room pics

Here are a few pictures of the room now that the carpet is in place. First is looking in from the door toward the small pantry closet. The three tall shelves hold school books. We are down to three shelves - yeah!
This is the corner for electronic games, movies, and drawers of lego toys.

The back corner is Wildcat territory with the table and chairs. The rolling chairs and folding chairs make it easy for the boys to move them around and make space for sleepovers.

I'm glad the room is done. Cleaning out the shelves before putting anything back in the room was helpful. It has also stirred  emotions for me about getting rid of the past. I don't want to hord papers and craft materials that I'll never put to use again, so out they go. This then opened up some emotions about getting rid of things from my past so the boys won't have to later in life. What use are trophies and things from 30 years ago? I don't see any reason for keeping things that someone will feel guilty about tossing later. I saw my parents go through this with helping an aunt clean out her apartment when we thought she was in the hospital for the last time - 2 or 3 years ago. Now we move on to the storage room to clean it out.

Now, the only problem is that everything we want to get rid of is sitting in the Day Room - freezing. Can you say "Tag Sale" in January? Come on over.


Julie... said...

This just might inspire me to clean up and organize my schoolroom...I said "might."

Oklahoma Granny said...

January is a good time to clean out. The new year starts with a clean slate and your closets are doing much the same.

CrossView said...

Highly motivational! Great job!

Now I shall close this page and try to ignore that niggly feeling you've given me. :O)