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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Archery - "you pulled a MOM!"

The guys oohed and awwed over that fact that I got a new bow last night. Then the giggles broke the silence when I struggled to draw the string back. The first arrow sunk deep into the wooden frame.  I had gripped the riser so tightly that I sent the arrow to the right about a foot. How embarrassing. Since Herogian was standing behind me as a coach, some of the guys ribbed him about his coaching me right into the wood. I have had enough practice with chemo brain causing embarrasing moments to smile and keep dying my hair blond.
Anyway, with some expert help from the league shooters and moving my target to the far left slot on the bale, we finally got away from hitting wood. Later in the evening one of the guys that pulls 70 pounds, stuck an arrow deep into the wooden frame. It was quiet enough for those around him to hear Herogian pop us with, "Hey Jeremy, you just pulled a Mom."
Then at halftime they pinned up a poster of a deer. Right before it is tacked onto the bale, a dot is marked on the backside of the cardboard. Pay your dollar and shoot - with the closest arrow to the dot winning the money. I slipped my release and the arrow went early - oops, so it stuck in the cardboard below the deer. The guys walked down to see who won and said that the arrow in the rough can shoot again since whoever didn't hit the deer. Herogian to the rescue again. "That's my mom's arrow."
I hit the deer this time. Neither of us won, but their will be many more chances.
It was a fun night. I'm not as sore this morning as I thought I would be.


Julie... said...

What a cool mom you are, Jane :-). So many of us would never even attempt what you're doing.
Keep it up, girl, you're doing fantastic!!!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Just keep working at it. You'll get there.