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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Standing on solid ground

It is late. I'm winding down from the craziest day at work ...ever. We are expecting a snow storm to blow through the area. Everyone and their dog was at the store tonight. People in my line checking out reported snow amounts to fall between 2 and 18 inches.
I wanted to say 'hi' and let you know that the emotional rollercoaster finally pulled into the station. My feet are back on solid ground. Commander and I decided that Saturdays will be OUR days. Besides the boys basketball games and an occassional boy scout weekend, we spend the day together. I was definitely feeling unlovable this month. has an assessment page that helps in figuring out what makes you feel loved best. I will say that reading the book did make me feel worse at times, but it was worth trudging through it and about 4 other "communication is the key to marriage' books. This was not a fun 'life-hurdle' to clear. I hope we are over it for good.

Tidbits from here:  We have two snowmen in the front yard playing catch with a snowball. I'll post pictures later.

I'm driving a newer vehicle. Yes, you read that right. It was a shock for me, too. The straw that broke the Commander's back with the van was another major repair, when we just wanted to replace the tires. I now drive a GMC Acadia, luxury is all I can say about it. I had to put an OU magnet on the back of it so I'll be able to find it in the parking lot. I'm still looking for a brown van.

THe frugal item for this week is refinancing the house for ten years at 3.9%. It does raise the payments a bit, but we are dropping 46 months of payments with a substantial increase in amount going to the principle each month. Cool beans.

Basketball practice started for T13. I'm assisting again with two other parents.  T13 is the shortest player. We are still waiting for growth spurts around here. He shows talent, but he is shy, timid, and won't rough house it with the other kids. I know exactly where he gets it. If you can believe it, I was that way for a couple of years in jr. high. Then I decided that I didn't want to sit on the bench.  It will be interesting to see how he does. Unless he loves it enough to drive into the city to play, we really don't have any options for him around here after this year of parks and rec.

I hope you are doing well this winter and staying healthy. Thank you for your prayers this month. Thank you for stopping by and saying hello.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Two days of weather in the very low 70's was wonderful and I'll try to remember those days if we get the "blizzard conditions" our weather guy is predicting tomorrow. We're all stocked up on food, toilet paper, etc and we have fuel for the generator should we need it. A new ride - congrats! I think we'll be looking into one later this year or early 2012. Not wanting to see the payment though. Good for you on the refinancing. Knocking almost 4 years off your loan is a big deal and at a great interest rate to boot. Good luck with the bb team this year. Stay safe and warm these next few days!

Julie... said...

Yes, we're about to get slammed.
I've been preparin' like a madwoman.
Regarding the Love Languages, I was never able to figure mine out. I'm definitely not a touchy feely/romantic type. And gifts are nice but I don't get all silly about them. I like to be encouraged, but am not needy. Maybe, I'm just an antisocial weirdo, lol.
Anyway, about basketball, isn't T13 your oldest? He'll do fine. My oldest is sooo timid. Sometimes, I think she might actually ask for the ball, pretty-please.
Whereas, the ten-year-old super shorty is an animal, really.
A new rod is a long time down the line for me, I'm stuck with the van that has "I heart 4-H" written all over it in poster paint (the stuff is the devil to get off).
Stay warm and toasty! Julie

Michelle said...

Praying for you my friend!! For peace within! And for your snowstorm. We're in the 40s, but the last two days are the only sun we've had in over two weeks. I'd rather have snow!
Take care!