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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Murphy's Law and archery - makes good.

Friday night was our first return to archery league. This one is different. It is called 5 spot. You have five smaller circles. The white center is worth 5, exact middle gains you an "X", and the outer two colored circles are four points.  For those who can't handle the smaller circles (me) the other target offered is still just two colors but the circles range from "X" 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point. 
They put all the names in a hat and draw partners. I don't know if he truly was shaking his head, but I knew Herogian didn't want me as his partner. He was hoping to get someone like "Cabela guy".  Our names were chosen one right after the other, but "Cabela guy" said, they don't let husbands and wifes team up, they shouldn't let mothers and sons. Herogian was happy. He didn't get the adult he wanted but one of the younger boys, as did I.  I think it is as fair and equal between us as it can be.

Murphy's Law kicked in for me Friday night. It all started with the new bow string, new nock locator on the string, new arrows, and trying to move to 20 yards distance. With everything new, I had the feeling it wasn't going to be a great night. 1st - we had to change the nock location. Things started to improve. Last warm-up round before we started shooting - 2nd - my sight fell off the bow. Talk about your chin hitting the floor. There was a big gasp from those around me. We couldn't believe it. Our 'Cabela's fix-everything -guy' got it back on the bow in time for first round. 3rd,  My arrows went everywhere.
They have these nice wooden frames that hold four targets each. I hit high, low, other target papers. You name it. It was down right embarrassing to have two arrows in a row bounce off the wood and land five feet from the targets.
Then, I was asked to score the group, one of members is a youth, so he is at the ten yard area. After scoring his round, 4th, I forgot to go back and pull my arrows. We line up to shoot another around and someone points out the arrows down range. I got to take the 'walk of shame' to retrieve my arrows.
There are so many people shooting that every spot is filled and we have to rotate lines. I step up with the second group after lifting my bow off the rack. 5th, "Cabela guy" immediatel hollers at me, " it might be an improvement to your shooting, but you really shouldn't shoot with your bow upside down." I just gave him one of those Mommy (your in trouble) looks. He smiles.
6th thing we found out  - was that the new arrows were nocked for compound. I'm shooting recurve. This is the third time that evening I'm searching out "Cabela guy' for help. He has a special tool for twisting the nocks.
Okay, back to shooting, I'm now lined up with the center point but shooting low and 7th, still hitting boards. The guys next to me, suggest using the split finger hold. This brings everything up and I actually have one round of five arrows that score points. Up to this point I've had 1-4 goose eggs on every round.
8th - The next round I shoot is back to the beginning of the night. I can't figure out what has happened. When I pick up my bow, the guys behind me realize that my upper limb is twisted.  They try restringing my bow, twisting it the other way. Nothing works. I finish out the night gritting my teeth. The guys know that I'm irritated. They try to joke about sand bagging it this first night so that my averages will increase throughout the league season.  It was a rough night.

Well, now I'm ready for them. A Diamond 2011 model  29 inch pull compound.

The only problem I'm going to have is with the draw poundage. It is set at its lowest - 36 pounds. Can you say weakling? If I can pull it five times in a row, I'll be doing great. If I can pull it 80-90 times in one night - oh my gosh - my right arm will fall off.

When we sighted the bow in at Cabela's, Herogian thought it was funny that I was having trouble with the pullback. I used a trigger release for the first time and with the improvements the clerk made to the sight pin, three arrows were in a triangle pattern within one inch of each other. Herogian's chin hit the floor. Hee Hee Hee.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Glad to hear things should be looking up for you next time.

jugglingpaynes said...

I hope you don't mind if I chuckled a bit. I love the way you describe the whole experience. We never got that far with archery. We are very satisfied with our low tech basic bow! But that is a very snazzy looking instrument. Have fun with it!

Peace and Laughter,