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Friday, January 21, 2011

snow workout

Yesterday we had about six inches of snow covering our part of Kansas. Our youth director called to ask how school was going. I could tell he was up to something. He had lined up a few driveways for the members of the youth group to clear, but was having trouble finding help. Why not call us? We have three boys. So the plan was made to meet him at the church at 1:00. We called the boy's friend down the street and planned to pick him and his shovel up for the afternoon.

Leaving our subdivision, you have a choice of two meridian crossings, one slopes downhill, the other uphill. When we made it to the corner of decision, I saw a truck using the uphill path and he had no trouble. I was afraid the other side might cause us to slide right into traffic. For the hill we went. Let's just say that T11 counted 12 'floor it, Mom" before I turned the wheels and let it slide back around to face the way we had came. We went back into our neighborhood and headed for the other outlet. We waited and watched for the traffic to clear on both sides and shot across the middle right into an opening. THank you, Lord. I use a lot of prayers for driving.

We got stuck in the church parking lot, we got stuck in the Basehor neighborhood, we got stuck in the Piper neighborhood. Between getting stuck, we shoveled three and 1/2 driveways, invited one gentleman to church on Sunday, the boys had a great snowball fight with the oldest of the teens that showed. Seven kids and two adults. My shoulders are sore today, it was a great workout.
We are expecting about 7 more inches (what I hear) by Sunday night. Guess we will be out snow shoveling again next week.
Let us know if you need help with your driveway.


Oklahoma Granny said...

What a blessing you were to the folks whose driveways you shovelled.

Anonymous said...

I'm hollering for you to drop by with the kiddos to sit awhile, thaw out in front of my fireplace, drink hot cocoa and gab about God. Is East TX too far? lol We don't have snow, but it's nipppy.

Stay warm and continue on your shoveling excursions.

J. Aday Kennedy
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