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Friday, December 17, 2010

I got a blogging award. I'm blushing

A friend and fellow homeschooler sent me a blogging award. How cool.  Here it is.
That pretty neato. It adds some class to the EF AND B. Don't ya think.
Along with the blog award came some questions that are supposed to be answered. 
Oh bother. That sounds more like a brain cramper.

Well here goes,
My official language is Oklahomian. I have already been told to keep my trap shut when and if we travel abroad. German with Oklahoma twang "Speakidee dooch?" Ahh, Beeta. DANKA.

What did I use to play?  Well, I played the piano, (forced under threat of torture), the trumpet, loved it. Band conflicted with Basketball practice. I had a silver Binge, I could hit three octave "G's. That when your face turns red and you pass out. I also played basketball, track and field, cross-country in high school. High jumped in college and beyond. I trained for the Olympics until 199.......

Oh poo, there is a question about food. I have celiac sprue - Gluten Intolerance. I'm waiting for heaven when I can eat Dunk'n Donuts chocolate cream fills again. Until then, I enjoy the Commander's cooking, Tampico's Pollo Asada, and frosting on just about anything else. I even made frosting for dipping apple slices into when I was pregnant.

Another questions dealt with continents. I live on one, I have traveled to three others while competing for various United States Track teams. Japan to compete against the USSR, Korea, Tawian, Brazil - competed against the world record holder, Yugoslavia for World University Games, Canada's east coast and west coast.   I have lived in five states, after making the statement in college that I'd never live east of the Mississippi or in California, God laughed, and I have done both.

Music - Eclectic - I like Paul Potts, Daniel Rodrigues, Mandissa, Vavaldi, Charlotte Church, Glen Miller, Philadelphia Chickens and older Garth Brooks (Did you know he gave me my first kiss at the age of 15. He lost a game of basketball to me and had to escort me to the following years banquet. What a guy, he kept his promise.)

Why do I blog. It started out as a way to practice my writing skills. Then I let those slip. Now I enjoy blogging the nonsense that happens in life. I figure someone out there needs a smile and a lift during their day. If they can see the insantity going on here, maybe they won't feel so frazzled about their life. If so, then I've done good. Pass on a smile. Sometimes I like to show the projects I'm working on, so family can see our place. We don't get as many visitors as we would like, they have busy lives elsewhere.

THe last question had to do with feeling the joy of life growing with in me. I had it three times, resulting in three boys that I'm amazed by, enjoy their company totally, can't imagine not homeschooling with them. There was a fourth time I felt something growing in me, but that was due to the pot of beans, and the pot of chili I ate at the Yogi Bear Campground in South Dakota. My belly went from flat to four months pregnant size in less than ten minutes.  It was painful, it was aweful. I don't eat chili and beans anymore. The boys wouldn't let the subject drop for many years afterwards. So hush about it. OKAY.

I have to think about who to send this blog award on to. I'm running out of steam right now. Oh Hoot, it's after midhight.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Wow! Such interesting facts about you. Garth gave you your first kiss, huh. But I'm really impressed with the fact that your trained for the Olympics!

Michelle said...

I agree. Garth is impressive, but the Olympics is way cooler!

Julie... said...

Congratulations on the award!
Music? Philadelphia Chickens ((LOL)), I'm sorry but I don't think I've ever had the privilege of being exposed to this group :-).
And the beans and chili...been there...bad experience, really bad. But these days it's dairy products that do me in. With age, I've become lactose intolerant. So not groovey!

The Boss said...

Love Tampico's Pollo Asado. Also their Chimichangas, but you probably can't have that.