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Monday, December 20, 2010

A hunting worth of exercise

I purchased a deer tag and a turkey tag recently for Herogian. Thank goodness he is still under the age of 16. Hunting could get expensive.
 A friend from post took him out last weekend scouting and then hunting for deer. Herogian was strapped into a deer stand, whick he thought was totally cool. They came home empty handed.
This week I decided he needed a chance to find a turkey. A friend from church had said something about a bunch of turkeys running across his property. Sunday, I asked if I could bring Herogian out this afternoon to see if we could spot where the turkeys might be roosting along the creek. What Herogian doesn't know is -- this is basically the best exercise he has had in the last month. Layering up in clothes, heavy boots, overcoat, and carrying a bow. Then he goes trudging up and down the countryside, stepping on and over logs, pushing through heavy brush, crossing a creek, and definitely not being quiet on the dry bed of leaves, twigs, and grass. We must have spooked everything out of the field.
We found a large tree made especially for sitting, it had three large section angling off right at ground level then curving upward. Sit down, lean back and listen to the sounds of the wild. Well sorta, the farmer to the south was using heavy equipment around his barn up on the hill.
Herogian finally asked if we could go, he had to remind me that the one thing we forgot was flashlights. I could have sat there until the lunar eclipse - well the cloud cover might be a problem. It was nice though.
As we were heading back up the horse trail, Herogian spotted a fresh deer rub. We walked another 20 yards and stopped. Something was crashing through the brush behind us headed for the creek. A deer.
Then of course, on the drive home, Herogian spotted two deer running toward the road, I slowed and they passed in front of us, two young bucks. UGHHHHH. SPEED UP, MOM.
He'll sleep good tonight.


Oklahoma Granny said...

Herogian will get one eventually.

Michelle said...

Wow!! Tell him to come here. There's quite a few on base here adn yesterday we saw a coyote down the street.

Have a wonderful Christmas!