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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas - I got pinked

OKGRANNY asked how early did the boys get up? Considering it was after midnight before they went to bed and I quit hanging ceiing tile, they were kind enough to try and let us sleep until 8:00. Penny started the wake up process at 5:00 am, which sent Commander in from the Day room where he was camping out with 2 of the boys. T13 and Herogian slept in the new 2 man tent. At 7:00 someone let Neelix out of his room to be fed, so he then expected to jump in bed with me.

For Christmas, I got pinked. It's great. I have a white UnderArmour hat with pink ribbon, a large pink water bottle with pink ribbon that snaps shut to use for work. A pink ribbon and silver hook bookmarker, perfect, and pink ribbon pj pants to sleep in, along with a pink microfleece blanket that is as soft as a teddy bear. I don't wear much pink out of the house, but I do wear it to bed. Go figure. 
This Christmas turned out to be a clothes Christmas for the boys. (Crossing my fingers) they might be hitting a growth spurt. They each had socks, underwear, gloves, shirts or jackets under the tree. They did get some money to buy something that they prefer. As you can guess the soft packages weren't the biggest hits, but necessary.

Commander received an enamel stoneware casserole pot and candy out the wahzoo. I'm hoping he uses the new dish today.;-0
He did an awesome job last night with ham and mashed pototoes. I wasn't expecting a big meal. So it was a nice surprise to be called to dinner while hanging the ceiling tile.
I am loving the ceiling tile. It is so easy to manuever into place, cut around pipes and corners. The boys each stepped into the room (at different times) and said it made the room 'classy'.

Last night was Christmas Eve service. We do a short 30 minute service of singing, short message and fellowship with extended family's in Christ. It was nice. We have a pastor and youth director with the most loving heart toward serving God. It is the only church I have ever attended where hugs flow freely. Genuine love for God and man abound - what a difference it makes in our lives.

I also want to thank you - my blogging friends, for making a difference in my life. I really enjoy reading your blogs, finding out that you have visited here, and getting notes from you. I know the process of posting a note sometimes has you jumping through hoops to get it through. Thank you for jumping.


Brownie said...

Merry Christmas to you. I enjoyed reading about your pink gifts. Sounds pampered and cozy!

Blessings to you today!

CrossView said...

Sounds like a wonderful CHristmas! I LOVE pink!