Commander and I enjoy Homeschooling boys (Herogian, Hawk and Gluten), raising chickens, ducks, and dogs ( Penny and Casey), eating gluten free, surviving breast cancer, coach track and field, and loving God for every minute that He gives us to cherish our family.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The 12th - 19.5

19 years and 6 months.
This morning I woke just before 6:30 and thought I'd better get out of bed to mix up the crepe batter. I had promised Commander that we would have them for breakfast. He is working a shift with his old jobmates and working the night shift. He was to get off at 6:00, go to the gym and I'd probably see him around 8:30. The crepes batter needs to sit in the refrig for 30  minutes to 3 hours. As I turned on the kitchen light, I heard something at the front door - outside the entry way.  I look through the glass and see Tony searching his key ring for the storm door key.  I step out to open it, he looks up and shouts,       "Happy Anniversary - I got you!" 

If you remember from earlier post, we do this every month. He has beaten me so many times it isn't funny. I was even waiting up for his call last night at 12:01 because he has done that so many times in the past - that it isn't funny. :-P
He couldn't get to a phone. So he got me at the front door, blurry eyed- and rattailed.

THis is for Commander. Happy 19.5 Anniversary. Picked from our berry patch this evening.


Michelle said...

Love it!!! We'll be at sixteen this year. Nothing as exciting as that!! said...

Ahhh, Happy Anniversary!
And you have your own berry patch?! You never cease to amaze me, Jane :-).
Blessings to you and your guys and I hope y'alls summer is shaping up nicely!