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Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Pinterest's fault

It all started on Pinterest. Like, LIke, LIKE. This is the summer of crocheting rugs, latch hooking my own design, and now I found a hoola hoop rug loom pattern.
Today while I was in the "Mart"  I saw the Hoola Hoops.
I thought this was a perfect time to pick one up and have it available for the rug making. Then I thought that I could use the Hoola Hoop for exercising my CORE area while I finished the rug I'm working on now. I had seen a video clip where entire workouts were designed around using the hoop.(You'll catch on that I'm doing too much thinking here.)
When I arrived at home, I thought the garage would be a perfect place to try it out. To hoola-hoop, your hips need to have an easy forward and backward sway.
3 minutes of trying - couldn't do it.
5 minutes - no better.
10 minutes, I'm so shocked at the inability and lack of skill to make this thing work, that I head off for the internet to search - "How to hoola hoop." I end up watching youtube clips, while trying to "hoop it" in front of the computer screen.
 I'm scaring the dogs.  
The hoops on youtube look HUGE.
So I search hoola hoop sizes. I find a young girl explaining the different size hoops. The one I have, the one for a small 5 year old girl, or one that would be for an arm workout, will not work for a six foot adult. If you stand the hoop on the floor in front of you, it should reach the height of your belly button.  The one I bought reaches mid-thigh.
At least it will make a nice rug loom.
Then I start searching how to make my own.  After watching a few of these videos, I decide against buying 100 feet of tubing no matter how cheap that's suppose to be. I don't need 8 hoops.
I found a place to buy a 5 lb. power hoop that is collapsable.  Easy to carry, easy to put together.
I'm thinking again.
Throwers and jumpers on the track team are going to learn how to hoola hoop their core muscles into shape.
 I can't wait for circuit training.
Hawk can't wait to video tape the throwers.
And to think this all started on Pinterest.

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