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Thursday, June 7, 2012

rag rug and slat picture

Just a couple of things I've worked on lately. I like the split picture style. I did a large blue sun for the 'Day Room', you might remember this picture. I wanted to paint something for a friend's birthday (Happy Birthday, Terri) and decided to do her a small version. I called it 'Fractured Light"  - Even though we are fractured, God's light can still shine through us.
 I forgot to take a picture of it after attaching it to a thin strip of wood. I off set the slats a bit more than it is in this picture. Now,  I'm going to try and make her a rag rug with the same kind of colors. I can't wait. Just have to find the right color of sheets. Lemon, teal, purple, and lime.
The rag rug below is what I started when I had the surgery on my feet. This thing started as a rectangle, oval, circle, and failed. I then decided going back and forth with straight lines would do. But I must confess, I didn't count stitches or safety pin marking points. Once the thing started getting to big for my lap and I had to fold it in half, I started slipping in an extra stitch on the ends. So it came out  longer on one side. Which, when I put it in the bathroom worked great, because I wanted it on the floor at an angle from the sink to the toilet. It covers the floor at both areas perfectly. The laundry basket is holding the large balls of 3/4" strips of material. Cut one end of the sheet and just rip. Hawk had fun helping me on this part. To hook the strips together, I snipped one end of the strip twice - at 1" and at 2 " from the end. By weaving the new strip in and out these two holes, the strips would weave in together. Afterwards, the ends need to be tucked.

the finished version. I only had one pink sheet, one light blue, and the dark blue was a pack of curtains with a sheet that I bought at a yard sale for $1. Some of the blue is faded from sunlight giving it two shades of navy blue. I used a crocheting hook for yarn, so the loops are tight. It will be nice in the winter to have it under foot.
When I painted
the fractured sun for Terri, I painted this for my bathroom. It is to remind me that
life is full of color, including attitudes, feelings, emotions, and love can be expressed in many different ways (or colors). It says,  Lord, thank you for the COLORS in Life.
I now working on a t-shirt latch hook rug -an impressionist style garden.

Have a great week.

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Michelle said...

Beautiful!! I draw/color/paint stick figures!