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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Daily Schedule

I finally wrote out our daily schedule plan for the next year. The main part will be the morning. Getting it done together and not getting sidetracked with other things. The work must be checked and completely finished before moving on to another subject. For me to hold us all accountable to finish everything each day before moving to the next subject is hard with three. Hawk always wants to work fast and get it done, but not check it until later. Not good. Herogian and Gluten don't want to work fast, or at all, and never want to check their work. Definitely not good. Mom has to stay focused on school and not let track, baking, crafts, workouts, dogs, chickens, yardwork, housework, laundry, phone calls, or anything else side track her and pull her away from the table. Gluten will be 8th and the other 2 doing 10th grade work. Here we go.

General Daily Schedule for 2012-2013

7:30 Up and make beds
7:45 Breakfast with Bible Reading
8:00- 11:00 all at table done with Mom
8:15 English = grammar /writing
9:00 Literature
10:00 math  =geometry/algebra
11:00 spelling  for Gluten        accounting Herogian/Hawk

11:30 Prep for lunch if need be/ Herogian/Hawk Spelling and ACT study
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Chores

1:00 Science /History (switch books)
                                  Questions checked before switching
2:00 History/ Science

3:00 Music/Art for Gluten on M F
Leave for USM practice T-TH Gluten must go on Wed.
3:30 study time while mom at practice
4:00 study time while mom at practice
4:30 Mom returns from Practice  / snack or light dinner
5:15 Leave for Soccer MF
5:30 goalie practice       WED  rest leave for church
6:30 Tues Leave for Boy Scouts    MWF mom and Gluten at soccer

7:00 soccer or Boy Scouts
7:30 soccer  or Boy Scouts
8:00 ice cream/study  or at Boy scouts
8:30 Study or at Boy scouts
9:00 Study time  M-TH
9:30 Lights out

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Michelle said...

Looks like a great schedule. I can't wait to finally get settled and get into a routine. It will be nice!

When are you starting school up?