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Monday, August 27, 2012

It still fits and other things

A dress on Pinterest caught my eye. I really liked it. a Titanic Vintage cream and green tea dress. While looking through my boards, I spied it again, then checked out the link with it. $173.00 for a dress - I don't think so, I know so, so, how am I going to get that dress made. MOMMM. Well that's how it usually would happen. It reminded me of my wedding dress - also a tea dress that my wonderful Mom made.
For the wedding I wore a cream satin slip under the lace, For a Christmas Party shortly after our wedding ( to meet Commanders side of the family) I slipped a red slip under it, and then for an Army banquet of some sort I wore an Infantry blue slip. Of course my mother made all the slips for me. Talent for sewing leaks out of her pores. She amazes me.
It has been twenty years since I found the pattern and asked Mom to make the dress, becuase I was sure I'd found the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was sure I'd found the only person to put up with me. She's right.
Here is the front of the dress. The lace in front had to be dyed in tea to get it off white to match the rest of the lace. I noticed with the picture that there are a couple of yellow spots on it now. Below is full length.
Here is a full length shot with the red slip under it. It need a little pressing since it just came out of the tissue paper and box, but I was pleased that it still fit. Thank you Gluten for cutting my head off (I asked him to) Can't wear this kind of dress without makeup.

A long with the dress, my mom crocheted a large doily to be formed into a hat, and also a smaller doily for the flower bouquet. Talent runs deep in the family. My sister-in-law did all the flowers for the hat, bouquet, and wedding. I still have both in the house. I'm happy to be coming up on 20 years with Commander. He makes my life exciting, full of laughter, and God centered. I'm also glad that I could still get into the dress.   But on that note, what would you do to a child that started gagging, saying "what do you have on? why are you wearing that? OH don't tell me, groce!"
I just didn't know what to say to their comments. Oh well, something will come to me when I least expect it and they won't expect it at all either.


Julie... said...

Wow, that is great! And what a pretty lacy Victorian. I could probably get my dress on but not fasten it. After three c-sections, my mid-section just ain't what it used it to be :-)!
Blessings, Julie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress. Beautiful couple (inside and out)!!! May you be blessed with many more years.


Pam said...

You are supposed to tell them, you are boys and you need to learn to say "how beautiful" to a woman you love who is wearing a dress she loves!