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Friday, August 31, 2012

Calling Safety, shelves, and haircuts

"Come on, move your feet out of the way so I can sit beside you."
Gluten was homeschooling on the sofa and had stretched out to take up as much of it as he could. He pulled his feet back giving me just enough room to sit between his feet and the pillow. He tossed me his history book.
"I've got mine. You might need yours". I spun the book back through the air quick enough to land it on his bare belly.
It was review time of chapter three. Gluten does better if history and science are verbally reviewed daily. We started through the questions with only names of people getting him twisted. He'd flip through the pages checking bold face words and then give me the name. I'd ask if he was sure, causing him to actually read the passage to me to prove that he had the right one.
"What was the New England Confederation? Why was it formed?" I asked.
He thought for a moment, "!" 
"Yeah, defense, as in a military defense." I started to explain a bit more so it would stick with him. BUT, He was laughing.
"I said, SAFETY, because I farted. I didn't want you to slug me. I didn't know I'd get a history question right with it." He was grabbing his stomach he was laughing so hard.
I just hung my head.

Pinterest is where I go to relax for a few minutes to an hour in the evening. Black shelves over the toilet in a small bathroom interested me. A trip to H.D. just happened to land into the errand schedule the other day for shelves and black supports.
Our master bedroom toilet is in a room by itself. A small room - actually 35 1/8 inches wide.
I thought I chose things to put on the shelves due to the memories, but I can't remember where two of the things came from. Geezuh! My dad made the wishing well out of walnut shells, the glass piggy bank beside it is from childhood, Commander likes marbles, and Spooners. The pictures on top were on the table at our wedding, the frame on the left is from a friend at church given to me during chemo, the green glass basket is from an aunt, and the picture of the boys was when we first moved to Kansas in 2000. We were stuck in Hoge Barracks for 1 month.

Herogian asked for a haircut the other day since it has been so hot. He agreed to let me do it with the dog shears. Yeah - save that money! As the hair was falling, Hawk came around the corner to see what we were doing out on the patio. "Oh stop right there!" I was working across the top of Herogian's head. "Dad would freak if you left that part," said Hawk. Herogian felt the strip of long bangs and agreed. We left it. I wasn't going to be home when Commander came in, thank goodness. I did show Herogian where the clippers would be incase he decided to lose the bangs before Dad came home. I guess he didn't. This is his "School is driving me insane look" and it is what he greeted Dad with at the door.
The hair disappeared that night into a nice buzz cut.

Have a great Labor Day weekend. Thank the Lord for the blessing of rain. Pray for the relief for those suffering from too much of it at once.

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