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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Homeschooling year 10

This is our tenth year of homeschooling and the first year that I haven't been gung-ho and excited about it.I'm just glad God is in charge and knows the plans he has for us.
 I don't know if the extra hot, dry summer prevented me from doing the projects that I had planned to feel accomplished. Or, it might be that I was studying from April until July for the Level 2 coaching exams, and it doesn't feel like there has been a break. I don't know, but I feel irritable. I'm trying to keep it in check, but I know it is coming out. It is also from the knee pain I am dealing with and having to lay off running. I was enjoying running with Shannon.  This week I have been in a brace and taking anti-inflammatories. UGH. Next Saturday is a 6.4K that I already paid for. I hope to be jogging again by then. I can feel the frustration.

I kept myself outside today to hopefully burn some of it off. It was good to finally finish the walkway from the back gate to the patio. I think it has been three years in the making. I'll post pictures later, it started raining as I finished. Rain is such a blessing. I watched from the Dayroom window as the stepping stones were washed clean.

Hawk and Gluten came home with me from Pair Day early-(Pair Day - a gathering of businesses and anyone else, who wants to meet and greet the new soldiers coming to live  in the area for the year long school, set up booths for the soldiers and their families to walk by and gather information and goodies). Since they didn't want to stay and do community service, they 'were allowed'. ahemm, to mow, use the weed eater, set up two pallets at the trash can area as walls, paint them, pull weeds from the driveway, and use the blower to dislodge the dry leaves from the walkways around the house. I had to nix that job when Gluten decided to see how bare the ground really was - dust storm.

I must admit, I have been looking forward to one new item this school year. We get to kidsit a four year old bundle of fun. The boys will each get to spend about an hour out of the morning working and playing with Noah. He also has a preschool workbook that he starts the day off with us at the table. We won't get him everyday, so it will be special when he is here.

Have a great week. Thank you for stopping by our little place.

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Michelle said...

I wish we could start but with the move, we probably won't start school till mid Sept. All my plans have changed now for the year!