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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer is almost over when school is around the corner

Next week we start school. Two teacher prep days - desperately needed to get my head wrapped around starting all ready! Then we hit the books on Wednesday. Oh, won't the boys be thrilled.

Herogian is still at Cub Creek Science Camp until Saturday. Commander will pick him up and drive 5 hours back to the boy scout camp out in the boonies. He will get Sunday to TUesday night to enjoy the last of his break. I expect him not to want so many camps on his summer schedule next year when he realized how little time his has before school to relax.
It has been a good learning experience for him. He doesn't appreciate the fact that as an ASIT they have to do more work (his words) than the hired staff - by having to clean all the animal cages. Well Duh! What do you think you are there for???

Gluten is back on the traveling soccer team, this year concentrating on goalie. He's a bit short, but fast and he is learning to sacrifice the body to stop the ball. THree days a week of practice, one night a week for Boy Scouts. He doesn't know it yet, but his video playing days are about over. He will need every free moment to get his studies done.

Hawk, is skinner than a weed and getting tall. His thing right now is airsoft. All three boys enjoy joining friends on an empty lot where that can play for hours.  The land is owned by a friend who takes them out and supervises, cooks hotdogs for them and taxis them back home all sweaty and smelly.

Commander is having foot surgery in two weeks. Morton Neuroma. Hmmmm .... that sounds familiar on this blog. He also has to have a big toe joint cleaned out. Arthritis making it stiff. So he will be home lounging around while we do school. He can help get the boys established into the right study habits.

Me, well I'm trying to run. Overdid it and made the knee swell. I must consent that Commander is right, I'm just a bag of injuries waiting to happen. THis Saturday is a 3 mile Run for the Fallen on post. I get to do it with 3 female friends. This is the first time I've ever ran a race with no concern about the time. Too competitive.
Track starts after Labor Day for me. I'll be with the team at least 3 days a week for workouts. I'm also working on 2-3 fund raising ideas so we have the money to send kids to nationals.

The boys are in 8th and 10th grade. Another school year is about to begin. The journey continues ....


Julie... said...

Okay, after reading that I can say I'm officially pooped! I don't know how you do it??? School? I haven't even started looking into what we need and when we start. So I guess I'm thinkin' about unschooling for awhile...hey, it's worked before :-). Actually as good as that sounds, I'll probably start getting it into gear moreso here in the next few weeks. We've got to get the county fair behind us first.
I hope the hubby recuperates quickly from his toe surgery, sounds painful.
Well, I hope your transition back into academics is a smooth one,
blessings, Julie

Michelle said...

I'm exhausted reading your post!! We're enjoying our vacation this week and then off to IA next week. I still have some planning and curriculum to get. We will start a little bit but not much. We close on the house on the 31st and Kevin will be with us until the 15th so we'll be off.....unpacking, getting organized, and making our list of priority things to do.
Hopefully Commander's foot surgery goes well. Please keep us posted!