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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Run for the Fallen

This morning I was honored to be part of a 3 mile run at Ft. Leavenworth, honoring those that have given their all for our nation. "Run for the Fallen". For August it was a beautiful morning with 59 degrees at 6:30 am. I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany friends in this run with no pressure on time. That was good. Hillary, Shannon, Katie, and I  joined the crowd  for a dedication ceremony to a local family who had lost their son.
The "Honor and Remember Flag"

has a red field over a broad white strip representing the blood and purity. In the middle, there is an offset blue star with a gold star inside representing the sacrifice, withing the gold star is a red eternal flame with one blue flame representing the soldiers life joining the many flames that make up the eternal flame. The flame is growing out of a small  triangular folded American flag representing the one from his/her coffin. Below this in the white the name and date of the soldier's death is given. 
 It was a heart wrencher.
Patriot Riders lined the front part of the race with their motocycles, and beside the starting line under a large oak tree were the flags.  I believe they said 179 were stacked to represent the lives lost that had ties with Ft. Leavenworth. As you can see there at the corner was the gun and boots of a fallen soldier.The American Anthem was played with everyone standing at attention, then a prayer was offered for our soldiers, their families and for our nation. Perfect.
Never Forget.

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Michelle said...

Awesome!! Always makes my heart happy during events like this!