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Monday, October 1, 2012

It's been so long since I was here

Physically and mentally.  I would think about posting and then go to bed.

We have been working around the house trying to get ready for winter. Two weekends ago, I decided to tackle the chicken coop door. A friend had given us a metal house door that would do a much better job than the 'cut out of siding door' that was the original on the lean-to. I yanked, hammered, cut and kicked, stomped and did whatever it took to get the wall out where the door needs to go. The concrete was crumbling on both ends and I wasn't sure just how I was going to get the door in, hold it in place and use the screwdriver at the same time. My neighbor came to my rescue. I asked her for a placement suggestion, since she had built her own coop. She then asked if I'd like some help. We had a fun time building the wall around where the larger door needed to go to fit under the slanted roof. we did a bit of framing and then stopped there.
We have to have the patio room jacked up on one corner due to settling with the dry summer. When the crew comes out, Mr. Wendtz said he would gable the chicken coop roof over the door for me. Yahoo. He is also going to fix a permanent doggie door down stairs so we can use the patio door again. THENNNNN hope I still have the picture for this. We are getting a bid on a reading nook for under the stairway. Here we go. He has the whole wal down stairs to use. The return air vent will just be moved to the top of the wall allowing the nook to be as long as we want it - 7 feet at least - I have tall relatives that I'd like to come visit. Each person in the family has already claimed this area as theirs, and we haven't even decided if it is in budget. Praying. Praying. Praying. I could so cuddle up in this area with my computer and get carried away writing.
Other stuff going on is planting 21 junipers, 4 fire bushes on the east hill out front, filling it in with mulch and outlining it with rocks. On the west side I put in a pallet pathway, a few different plants and flowers, mulched it this weekend and lined the edge with rocks. 5 truck loads of mulch were moved this weekend. Can you say 'my body is sore!'

The four year old that stays with us in the morning has become my digging partner for dandelions and chickweed. I jab the digging stick in, he powers it down and pops the weed loose. We do about 30 minutes outside each morning playing and digging as we wait for Dad to show up. He's been a great help in helping me find the time to do the weed pulling.

Would ask for your prayers on a school matter. Will let you in on it later, but afraid to jinks it if I mention it too much too soon. You know what I mean?

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