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Friday, October 5, 2012


Thanks for your prayers on our school situation. I feel like they have been answered. Today, we met with the school counselor at the local public school. Yeah! Can you believe it? After 10 years of homeschooling, we will be sending the two oldest to LHS.  Hawk wants to go back into 9th so that he'll be with his original class, and  next year as a sophmore he will have a chance to try football. He is the one that made the thoughts and prayers start looking like answers to our problems. He has always said (like me) that he wouldn't go to public school. In the last year, he has developed a desire to play football. I was shocked, but glad to see his eyes light up over somethings besides XBOX.
Herogian hasn't been as thrilled with the idea, but after the visit to the school today, I think he is more on board. He realized he will be able to do more in science lab than I can give him, and woodshop - made his eyes light up. The higher sciences and math will be easier for me with the schools help.
So, come January it will be Gluten and I at home with our four-year-old charge NC. I think Gluten will enjoy the time - it should take us less time to get his work done, he will be able help kidsit more (making $$). He is also looking forward to high school at LHS so he can try out for the soccer team.
For someone who knows not to say NEVER. I've definitely have had enough lessons on it.... plus here's another.

You don't know your missing something until it is gone. I'm missing the stress and worry that was building up over the boys educational path when I thought I was in charge of it. Letting God brings relief in so many ways. I'm looking forward to the future now. Sometimes it is hard to let go when you see the release as being failure, turning it over and looking at it differently (God's way) makes a big difference.

Here's a pic from today's activities around the house. Mr. Matt is giving lessons on plumbing to NC under our kitchen sink.

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Michelle said...

What a wonderful blessing!! How wonderful that the boys are so excited to move to school. I'm wondering if TL will even leave to go to college lol!!

I pray that you will have a wonderful week!! Enjoy my friend!