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Saturday, October 13, 2012

T shirts -trying to get rid of them

I bought 72 shirts for a Track/XC fund raising idea. I'm "official team fund raiser" - I take the title because I croke at being a recruiter. Anyhew, the idea was for "Create your own USM Spirit Shirt". I went to the trouble of cutting out 72 block letters to spell U-S-M  S-P-I-R-E-S for each shirt. Cut out large numbers for team sports, skull candy designs, bought stars, flowers and a bunch of foam letters to write names on the shirts and anything else the buyer could think of, along with rolls of contact paper to create their own design.

After two days of sitting in the hot afternoon sun with my boys at campus, we realized this idea wasn't going to work. The kids came by, said it was a great idea and then walked off. One who wanted to make a shirt, then questioned why I asked for money when we finished it. Oh bother.

Thank goodness the ladies from church are going to the Women of Faith Convention in KC. They helped me out by letting me make shirts for them.

Now I'm making a few more to get rid of the last 2 dozen shirts. Here they are.

We are Ambassadors for CHRIST.    II Cor. 5:20
 To God be the Glory   Great Things He Hath Done
 For God so Loves Me   - I Run   (with footprints)

THe shirts are $8.00  if interested. Give me a shout. Or let me know if you have a design you would like on a shirt. I'll see what I can do.
Stickers are sprayed over with bleach to bring out the design.
Have a great weekend.

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