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Saturday, November 10, 2012

still kicking and laughing

It's November!!! The portfolios for the boys class credits are done and turned in. I'm hoping the school will accept all of them.  They are suppose to call me soon and let me know. Soon is the magic word. My soon is Monday morning. Their soon might be day before class starts in January.

The boys are still excited about the changes ahead. I'm excited for them too. After ten years of homeschooling, they will learn a lot about life from a different perspective. I know they are both grounded firmly in Christ. I know there will be things that I don't want them to experience, but they need to build their walls against the ways of the world and they can't do that without the testing. We will work through this new experience together, just like we worked through all of our curriculum these past years. Gluten will still be at home finishing 8th grade, and helping me 'kidsit' our hopping 4 year old.


Gluten wanted to bleach a shirt with "question authority, not me." on the back of it.
I gave him the evil eye and smirk, then gave him the lecture about where authority comes from - God. He agreed to find something else. I suggested, "Blond, explains it." For quite a while he kept saying 'no' to this. Then he finally stated," I don't want that on the shirt because I don't know what it means." Hmmmm. "Blond, explains it." He did end up with "You can't spell AWESOME with out "ME"."  He also made his Mema a sleep shirt for her birthday. "I'm not short, I'm Fun Size."

Herogian had his last hunt with the post rod and gun club this past weekend. He limited out in 30 minutes. 2 pheasants, 4 quail. Penny was allowed to hunt with him and the guide's dog. She did really well. Penny only backed off when the other dog started to attack her,when she came in to check out the first pheasant the dog had fetched. She collected quail after that, but left the second pheasant where it landed. Mom even got to retrieve her ipod she dropped with the checkcord while chasing down the wounded pheasant. I realized the cord was missing from my hoodie pouch, but didn't know the ipod was missing until I found it.

This afternoon, Commander and I came home with a new 4 foot Christmas tree with lights already on it. Its place is on the small secretary desk in the corner of the living room. Below it, on the desk, was placed the first present. (unwrapped) a 3 foot pair of pruning shears. Later, while Commander and I were in the TV room, Hawk showed up at the door with the shears in hand.
"Why is this under the Christmas tree?"
Commander looked at him, and replied, "If you and your brother don't behave at school, we'll use those to nutor you."
The shock on Hawk's face was worth it.

Herogian and Hawk have hit growth sputs. 3/4  inch in less than 2 months for Hawk. Herogian is there also. The cool part is that Herogian has finally decided to start working out to 'beef up' this includes doing TKD with Commander. He also went to the gym to workout with Commander yesterday before Boy Scouts left for camping. I have also found out that when it is bedtime, (his room is downstairs) that he uses what equipment we have to workout. Anybody have some free weights gathering dust?

Have a great week. Please pray for my uncles - yes, plural. Two are about to leave this world due to cancer. They are my father's younger brothers.

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