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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Conserving resources, Pergola shade

Thank goodness I wasn't here for this conversation between Commander and Herogian. I probably would have shot milk out my nose.
"Hey, bub, you stink."
The boys had just returned inside from playing an airsoft war in 95+ degree heat with full camo suits, face mask, and armor of assorted styles.
"It's Saturday, Dad, I'm conserving resources. I didn't put any on this morning."
"That's the wrong kind of resource to conserve. We're trying to save the world, not fumigate it . Go put on some deodorant."
"Oh... all... right."

THe day room has really been heating us this summer. Last summer I stretchd a thin blue polyester type material across the beams to block out some of the heat, but it didn't look good. So come fall I yanked it back down.  Now I'm putting the sewing machine to use, doing grommet holes and hooks. It will make a big difference in the look and in the heat.
This is ceiling in early morning before the sun hits.

This is with pergola shade.
A story on the material.  I went to a bargain outlet and found the roll of material. It was 5 feet in length. The ladies working there had all kinds of stuff on their cutting table. I tried to engage the main one in charge with a little conversation about how Commander wanted to me find material with clouds on it. She immediately said she had to go to the bathroom and left. Hawk came back over from his wandering around and said he liked my choice. The problem now was that we needed to pull this five foot roll of material off the shelf and get 11 yards from it. It was on half price for $3.00 a yard. I was planning to do just one layer of material for each strip between the beams. WELLLLLL, Mrs. "I gotta go to the bathroom" had returned along with another woman who has cut material for me before. I turned and said Ladies, I need to get 11 yards off this roll. Mrs. "I gotta go", lifted an eyebrow and starred at me, then said,  "I sale you the whole roll for $10.00."
I couldn't believe it. "YEs, that would be great. Thank you."
I measured the material when I returned home. 19 yards of material. I have been able to do double strips instead of just single by getting three stips side by side. That was our bargain for the week.

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Michelle said...

Awesome!! Love em!! In our camper we use those things you put in car windows. You and buy a whole roll and cut to size. It helps alot when the heat gets hot!