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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Raining down blessings

Last night at soccer practice we might have received 10-12 rain drops on the windshield. OH. I've been praying for rain, as a lot of people in the midwest have been doing, and last night we received a blessed answer to our prayers. There was about 1/2 and inch of water in the tub sitting on the back porch. Thank you, Lord. It is so parched and dry that we have to water our deck. That's right - the deck post have shifted enough that we can't fully shut the door. We have to bump it hard enough to get it to stick, and move furniture in front of it at night.

It was still sprinkling this morning when I joined Shannon A. for a bike ride. It was so refreshing to have overcast skies, the sprinkles bypassing my glasses to hit me in the eyes. The wide road that soon left suburbia to be surrounded by horse ranches and pastures with moo cows.  I love the wide open spaces of the midwest. I'm getting better about liking the rolling hills - Kansas isn't all flat.
This type of ride (hard workout 8.83 miles) this morning....

felt like this with the refreshing spirit of the Lord raining down on us. 

It has been so nice to have a companion for workouts. THanks Mrs. Shannon.

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Shannon Altic said...

Thank you sweet Jane! I'm praying for you and the coaching situation. God is good and so is his plan. You are a humble servant and a great role model.