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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Running again

Yesterday and today were blessed days.  Mrs. Shannon A. and I have been able to meet together for running time. This is the picture she posted at Altic's Quiver. I thought it was perfect.

Mrs. Shannon has always had long flowing RED hair, and I, as you know from previous post, keep cutting mine short.
Yesterday, we met at Piper High School. You know, one of those public school systems that has so much tax money that their new football, track field is to DIE for.  Well, it is also closed to the public due to kids trying to vandalize the new equipment. Jerks.  So we circled the parking lots for the two school buildings. Each lap gradually got a little shorter as the corners were cut. As we rounded one of the last corners, I thought to myself, that if she wants to do another lap, I'd be good with running the sidewalks right along side the building, forget these large parking lots. We did four laps, 55 minutes. I was pleased with the feet, they hung in there and only cried to be iced after returning home.
This morning, we ran in Willow Park again. This is the soccer fields with a creek by the back fields. The trees overhanging the area keep the temperature down by at least 5 degrees. It feels really good to be in the shade. I once had the fields measured at somewhere just short of a half mile loop. So we did six loops today along with 4 x 60m strides. Striding with purposeful - pick the knees up, kick the butt cycling of the legs helps to improve the stride length.

I'm sleeping very well at night, thank you.
Would appreciate your prayers about the track clinic I'm attending next week. Getting nervous, excited... I don't know. I can pass the online questions with the modules, but am concerned with the case study type questions.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Sorry I haven't been by to visit in awhile. Glad to hear you're back to running. You did a great job on your haircut. I have a couple of friends that cut their own hair. Me - I'd end up shaving mine. I hope your husband is still doing well.