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Sunday, July 15, 2012

wrinkled egg to become a walnut

This was found by Herogian last week while I was away at the clinic. I'm so glad he saved it for me.
One of our chickens layed this wrinkled egg. I plan to paint it with modge podge then once hardened, try to carefully blow out the inside so we can keep the shell. It looks like an walnut. Don't you think?

The Level 2 coaching clinic went well. I passed Sports Pyschology, Sports Physiology, Training Theory and Biomechanics, and Combined Events (decathlon/heptathlon training). My brain is overflowing and needs time to organize all the information they crammed into our skulls last week. Las Vegas hit 115 degrees while there. I have been in hotter, 121 in Tucson, AZ. But once over 110 in such dry heat, it all fries you the same.

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