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Monday, July 30, 2012

1/2 Marathon

I once thought I'd train to run a marathon before I hit the big   __0. Didn't happen - after reaching 8 miles in workouts the knees didn't like me, so I caved. I also had a six, four, and three year old needing my time. Yeah, that's it, uhhhh......

 Today I was given the opportunity to say yes to training for a 1/2 marathon with a friend. I at first turned it down. Then later  realized that the Commander had already mentioned trying the Bataan Death March Memorial again next March. We didn't make it this year. I texted my friend, Shannon, and jumped on board with her. If I can do the 1/2 this fall, then doing a whole next March might not seem so daunting.  It's a bit scary, thou, I really haven't ran much at all these last few years because of the morton's neuroma pain. I actually can't do three miles yet (a big hill is most of that problem) so getting up to 13.1 in 13 weeks will be a challenge. I'm working tonight on devouring a few given workout plans off the internet and suiting them to our time frame.

Concerning the last entry and the coaching job. Coach D. told me no way would he hire the other coach. We will just work around the vaso-vagal syncope and driving issues. I on the other hand get to work on recruiting and fund raising. Deal.

We dropped Herogian off at  Cub Creek Science Camp on Sunday. We last saw him joining a group of five young ladies headed for the dining hall before the incoming class of campers arrived. No hug, no wave goodbye, his ears weren't registering our pleads.  LOL.  He is an Animal Supervisor In Training (ASIT) for two weeks.

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