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Saturday, December 8, 2012

twenty and plans

When we travel, we plan. We plan vacations. We plan house improvements, painting schemes, school lessons and this time we worked on garden plans. Especially raised gardens. So if you are a Pinterest buddy, you now know why I just inundated the page with different ways to make a raised garden. There are a lot of great ideas on Pinterest.

I'm ready to hit H.D. and buy the lumber. It will be nice not having track practice next week so I can work on projects around the house, to hopefully include a raised cold garden. THis is a small greenhouse type garden for first plantings. I'd like to make two. One on each side of the door to the shed. These would be on the south side of the shed, therefore protected from the north.
Next, I need to plan out the placement of the raised gardens in the yard. It would be fun to put them into a pattern like a quilt. They will need to be far enough apart for easy mowing, facing north to south on a slant so the plants dont shade each other, and out of the shade of the large trees and house. Now that I think of all the obstacles to work around, hmmm, the back yard might look like a giant tossed his lego building blocks in our yard.
This will be a fun project to work on.

THis weekend had us traveling to Aimes, IA, for a coaching clinic. It was just the two of us. The boys stayed home with the dogs and chickens. Penny started coughing - (kennel cough) and needed medicine. I called the vet from Missouri. She finally called back in Iowa. Our wonderful Youth Pastor was kind enough to drive Herogian to the vet to get the medicine. Not the medicine she wanted to give us, but one that hopefully wouldn't send Penny into seizures as before. Please no seizures, especially while we are not there! Thanking our Lord for looking after the boys and dogs, and thanking our wonderful Mr. C.C. for helping them, and our neighbor D.N. for checking on the boys.

THis week will be twenty years for the Commander and I. On our return trip today, we stopped at an Amish Country Store. I spotted the perfect sign for our anniversary. "Marriage is like a deck of cards. When you get married all you need is two hearts. After twenty years you wish you had the club and spade." A HAAA HAA. Couldn't resist showing it to Commander.
 He was wonderful to take the day off and drive me to the coaching clinic. It was a very long day with little to eat. I about lost it during a late afternoon class- sugar drop for sure. Commander immediately drove me around town until we found a place we knew we could trust to get Gluten Free Food - WENDY'S.

Here's to twenty more years. I told him all I wanted was a kiss every night before bed. That's doable for us. Love you SweetHeart. 12-12-12.

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Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I wish I'd known you were going to be in Ames, that's not too fr south of me. couple of hours but worth the drive to meet up.

I'd love to see your plans for the cold garden. I'm in the planning stages for composting, chickens for eggs, fruit trees, berries, and a huge garden. that's about enough for this year, plus I have two college classes to take to finish my degree.

Have a great week!