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Monday, March 7, 2011

waiting for results but feeling good

This morning twittered away in three hours of sitting in the lab area at the local clinic having blood drawn at the start, 30 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 60 minutes. Thank goodness the woman with the needle does over 50 draws per morning. This woman is good, half the time you don't even feel the prick.  I did get a bit woozy and light headed with the glucose drink, but I didn't pass out or throw up, which I've heard people have done.  We'll wait and see if I need to moderate my diet more.

Herogian had his first 'fly tying' class at Cabela's tonight. He made three woolly buggers. He had two hour of tying, while I had two hours of writing. Loved it.

The weekend closed basketball season for us. T11's team went undefeated to win the 6th grade title. Second year in a row for the coaches. T13's team played like it was their first game of the season. They forgot how to dribble, shoot, and pivot. They did get second place out of the three teams, so they get a big hip, hip hoorah. It was actually a very comical game to watch, very entertaining. Inbetween the boys games was the 7/8th grade girls game. During a free throw attempt, one of the girls launched the ball to the plate at the rim and it stuck. The ball didn't even bounce. The referee had to do a lay-up run to jar the ball off the plate. Totally cool.

We have lost three of the banty chicks. We have also put about seven eggs in the incubator. I haven't checked it lately, I don't know if Herogian has snuck anymore in there (it's in his room so he has full responsibility for it). He's as bad as I am when it comes to chicks and ducklings.

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